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  NASA has released footage of astronauts taking a space walk at their space station. This was to put in place 2 new space arrays that took 7 hours to complete   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)


November 23, 2022

also known in the Western world as a pod hotel is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features many small bed-sized rooms known as capsules. Capsule hotels provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require or who cannot afford larger, more expensive rooms offered by more conventional hotels. The first […]

Big Ben is back! Its been 5years, since we last heard the familiar bells of Big Ben ring through London. So good to see a sign of restoration at such difficult times we’ve gone through.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)

All this fuss to book the middle seat, I guess its now worth it…literally, an opportunity to win more cash or more for paying to sit in the middle for this airline, where do i sign up?     View this post on Instagram A post shared by CNN (@cnn)

When planning holidays now. people no longer want to go to destination with a beach setting or one with just picturesque views . More and more people want to experience something either then living in a hotel room. Themed holiday destinations are becoming a major hit in the tourism industry because of this. And surprisingly […]

For years, several vintage Orient Express train carriages lay, forgotten, at a small railway station on the border between Poland and Belarus called Malaszwewicze. Hospitality group Accor purchased the rediscovered carriages and enlisted Parisian architect Maxime d’Angeac to meticulously restore them, ready for operation on a Paris to Istanbul rail route that’s set to operate […]

Isle of Pladda, off the coast of Arran, has been empty for several years. The 28 acre island was sold by the Arran Estate 30 years ago to fashion designers Derek and Sally Morten. It comes at a price that could buy a three-bedroom flat in Glasgow or Edinburgh.     View this post on […]

  The number of people who can visit Machu Picchu has been increased to 5,044 per day. That’s up from 4,044 visitors per day previously. Peru’s Ministry of Culture has urged tourists to plan their visit to the Inca city well in advance. This is after tickets to the most iconic and in- demand site […]

Now it’s one thing to get married and commit to someone for the rest of your life but to have a contract drawn up where you can only have one pizza a month is quite ridiculous! If you don’t believe me, check out the article below.   View this post on Instagram A post shared […]

  Oh the nostalgia in this one !   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BuzzFeed (@buzzfeed)