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An ambitious plan to fly travellers across the world via space would see the flight time between the UK and Australia drop to a mere two hours. The flights would enter space for a period of time before descending back into the Earth’s orbit – slashing a good 20 hours of flying time in the […]

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Many environmentally conscious people consider that lab-grown meat can be an ethical alternative to conventional meat. It may solve multiple problems at once such as the food demands of the increasing population, helping the environment, and consuming cruelty-free meat. As it is cultured in labs, its fat content can also be modified making it more […]

  Sydney has proudly been Australia’s largest city since the 19th century Gold rush but this has now changed. Melbourne’s rapid population growth due to international migration now has 4,875,400 people- just 18,700 more than Sydney now. People have been.  “It’s because more people have been moving out of Sydney, going to other parts of […]

  The most powerful rocket ever developed is about to attempt a launch. Known as “Starship”, the rocket has been built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. It stands about 1200m (400 ft) high and is designed to have almost double the thrust of any rocket in history. Musk said, “It’s the first launch of a […]

  ” We did not plan a vacation, we planned an adventure!”A pair of grandmothers from Texas prove that adventure doesn’t have an age limit. Ellie Hamby, a documentary photographer, and Sandy Hazelip, a physician and lecturer, toured the world in 80 days, from the beaches of Bali to the deserts of Egypt. The adventurous […]

Now if you’re planning on dusting off that suitcase and travelling the globe, wait! Have a look at this article that I found on Buzzfeed where people are sharing the cities that they’ve visited and would NOT visit again! Some of the places they pointed out actually shocked me! Check out the article below before […]

The glowing road markings use simple photoluminescent techniques used in children’s toys and the result is that road lines and marking can be seen much easier at night. The markings were tested on a 1km stretch of the Metong road outside Victoria, Australia and are part of 70 projects looking at making the area safer […]

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