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Ratu Meli Tulewa who now lives in Qatar and works as a flight attendant posted a reel showing just how he and one of his closest friends have come and how they have achieved some of the things they spoke about when they were unemployed and dreaming big dreams.  

Ever since the release of their ep IO the boys of Inside Out have been busy. Very busy. A few weeks ago they were in the USA and now they are in China. Check them out doing an impromptu music video of Vesumona one of the songs from the album.  

In Germany, there is a completely functional train that has been converted into a Techno club. byu/Holzbau inDamnthatsinteresting

Meet Sera Volavola the 25-year-old who will represent Fiji in Vietnam at the Miss Earth 2023 pageant on 22nd December 2023. Miss EARTH Fiji is currently a Marketing & Sales representative while she studies a degree in Chemistry and Food Technology. Those close to Sera have described her as intelligent, witty, kind, cool and down […]

Sphere, the world’s largest spherical structure, has opened its doors to the public. Standing tall at 366 feet and measuring 516 feet wide, the partially hollow arena is big enough to comfortably fit the entire Statue of Liberty from base to torch. The venue’s inaugural offering is a series of 25 concerts centered around U2’s […]

Two Fiji Airways passengers took to social media to praise Fiji Airways cabin crew member K Irina for her exceptional service in making sure passengers with hearing impairments have a safe and comfortable journey when in her care! Carly and Sarah posted this photo with the All-Star crew member along with this letter praising her […]

Four children have been found alive after surviving a plane crash and spending weeks fending for themselves in Colombia’s Amazon jungle. Colombia’s president said the rescue of the siblings, aged 13, nine, four and one, was “a joy for the whole country”. The children’s mother and two pilots were killed when their light aircraft crashed […]

Have you ever wondered which are the most visited countries in the world? 3. United States (USA) In third place among the most visited countries in the world is the United States with 79 million tourists a year. Within USA The third most visited place in the United States is Orlando (Florida) with its amusement […]

An ambitious plan to fly travellers across the world via space would see the flight time between the UK and Australia drop to a mere two hours. The flights would enter space for a period of time before descending back into the Earth’s orbit – slashing a good 20 hours of flying time in the […]

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