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Tom Cruise’ Ethan Hunt is back and he has brought along his buddies for the ride. Who might those buddies be? Comedic legend Simon Pegg as well as newcomers Vanessa Kirby (The Crown/ Hobbs & Shaw) and Hayley Atwell (Captain America/ Agent Carter). Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One is the seventh movie since it […]

If you’re like me and things can get a bit complicated when you’re trying to reach your goal just remember this piece of advice. I think it’s the perfect thing to watch on a Sunday morning when you have a million and one things on your mind and you’re wondering how you’re going to achieve […]

You may have noticed that some eggshells are discolored with dark brown spots. This is known as a “speckled” egg. These dark splotches are created early in the process as the egg is traveling through the hen. As the egg passes through the oviduct (the organ that processes the yolk and adds the shell), it […]

After Jewel appeared of the Masked singer, I will never look at her the same again. Each of her performances were better then the last! Here is on of my favorite performances she did on the Masked singer.

Within the first couple of seconds I was curious as to what exactly was the sealion going to do. I thought to myself, ok maybe he’d ( I’m assuming the sea lion is male) just causally walk around the deck area like one of the guests and I figured maybe he’d use the pool. When […]

Your remember the main girl from the TV series Glee, the chick that played Rachel? Lea Michele is her real name and fans have a love/hate relationship with her.  Recently former Glee star has been working on an upcoming documentary Spring Awakening: Those You Know which she is currently promoting on talk shows, etc. It […]

Turns out there’s a scientific explanation to why sometimes chocolate looks dusty and here’s the reason why! That strange dust or powder on chocolate is called chocolate bloom. The explanation for chocolate bloom is simple food science—it happens when the fat in chocolate separates from the rest of the candy. When chocolate is left in […]

Remember how in Sleeping Beauty the whole town was asleep for a few hundred years? Well here’s a similar story. For the last two years the residents of Kalachi have been falling into unexplained bouts of sleep – sometimes for weeks at a time. With no cause yet identified. The mysterious illness has sent residents […]

  Say what you will, or fight me if you must, I will swear to the moon and back that this is the most ambitious cross-over!! More than Avengers Infinity war! 😁😂🤣   Could you ever have imagined that New Kids on the Block, Rick Astley, Salt-N-Pepa, and En Vogue, would be on a song […]