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Today my friends and I after training decided to get our lunch and find a place along the seawall near Laucala Bay and enjoy our lunch as it was a beautiful day today. Few minutes later a young girl about 10years old came along the footpath with a container that had something she was selling. […]

    YouTuber MrBeast has passed Netflix Squid Game’s record of 111 million views. MrBeast’s recreation of the show has so far gotten 118 million views in only 5 days since its launch on November 25th. .@MrBeast Squid Games video: 103M views in 4 days. It took 7 weeks to make.@netflix’s Squid Games series: 111M […]

The internet can be such a magical place. Check out this video:

Most times we tend to wish for things that we don’t have instead of being grateful for what we do have. This guy took that to the next level by utilising what he did have which is two pens, a table and a cup. Check the video out below: View this post on Instagram A […]

The Fiji Men’s 7s team in their last pool game against Australia were down by 2 points. The clock had already ticked past fulltime. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.  Iowane Raturaciri you beauty!

I’m not too sure who needs to hear this but this video popped up in my Facebook memories and I got a lightbulb moment. I’m actually glad that it popped up again cause Lord knows I needed a reminder and I feel one of you may need this too. For the longest time in my […]

As the Fijiana prepare for their first tournament on the HSBC 7s Series circuit, one player who will be essential in seeing if they can back up their Olympic performance will be their inspirational and fearless skipper: Rusila Nagasau. We wish our Fijiana all the best in Dubai!

  Creating a bond in a team is not an easy task. You have people with different personalities, experiences and views. Getting them to gel is not always easy. Fijiana XV’s team took to the water today for an early morning session with the Fiji Outrigger Crew, Takia and USP paddlers. It was a little […]

We’re not quite sure how to describe this video. Basically, an adult woman is claiming that someone tried to impersonate her husband to have intimate relations with her, and that’s not even the weirdest thing about this story. Watch on to see just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Adele was a surprised person when as part of a show ITV concert special, “An Audience with Adele,”  she was told that her former teacher was amongst the crowd. As part of the show, there was a pre-recorded segment where there was a question from Hollywood actress Emma Thompson, who asked whether there was anyone […]