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Yes you read that correctly. There is so much going on in this video, some real cartoon levels of comedy here.  This is in Brazil by the way.

How irritating are those videos on YouTube where these pranksters go around basically irritating and acting like it’s funny? This video is a little different because it shows them getting what they deserve!

Johnny Depp has won his defamation trial against ex- wife Amber Heard and the public could not be happier! Amber Heard now has to pay $10m in defamation damages to Mr. Depp after the jury had reached a verdict this morning. Check out the video below for full details.  

When you should have stopped grogging 2 hours ago and now you’re knocking out…

If you are a huge Star Wars fan then this is the one for you! Check out this new official trailer where we see Obi Wan mentor and train Anakin Skywalker’s (Darth Vader) son. It’s a limited series on Disney, hopefully it lives up to the name!  

What a wonderful gesture from Flying Fijian Levani Botia.

Then someone needs to tell this guy that. This looks amazing!

This is so mesmerizing to watch if you’ve seen a Panda give birth! Now this particular panda doesn’t even realize that she has given birth to a set of twins and is by far one of the adorable things you have ever seen! Check out the video below.  

In the wake of yet another mass shooting in the US, this time a horrible tragedy where 19 children and 2 teachers were shot dead in a school in Uvalde, Texas, NBA coach Steve Kerr was asked about the issue in a press conference. Kerr, whose dead was killed by gunmen obviously has very strong […]

Check out this trailer for The Green Planet! Amazing stuff and freaking interesting, if planet life is your thing then I have your weekend sorted!