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Police and firefighters in Maine came to the rescue of a driver who apparently made a wrong turn at a garbage dump and ended up suspended over a trash compactor. The East Millinocket Police Department said police responded alongside personnel from the Millinocket Fire Department on a report of a driver stranded in a vehicle that was […]

I can’t stop watching this video!!! This was on World 7s Rugby twitter page and has got to be one of my favourite moments captured on camera!!! Fiji showing the world that it’s important to have fun too in the seriousness of rugby 7s!

Actually, don’t bother. We reckon this dog does it well enough

Blue Sky Studios, the guys responsible for the Ice Age Films have posted their last video online. That video is about the forever unlucky Sabre Toothed Squirrel Scrat, who is always trying to hide his nut, which always ends up in disaster. Blue Sky Studios are not only known for the Ice Age films as […]

An estimated 40 billion plastic utensils are used and thrown away each year in the United States alone. But, Narayana Peesapaty the founder and directing manager of Bakey’s, an Indian cutlery company, has a possible solution—spoons and forks you can eat. India is the worlds largest user of disposable cutlery with 120 billion pieces thrown out […]

LegendFM Breakfast had a very interesting conversation yesterday with well-known local artist Natalie Raikadroka where she revealed that she has been working on her debut album since 2013. During that time she became a mum and a lawyer. Her debut album When I Sing releases on the the 23rd of this month and will be […]

At first glance of the headline, you’d probably think “what on earth is going on here” or “how is this even fashion anymore” but this “Mo- Hair suit” is more than fashion, it’s a statement! It was made in Australia thanks to the joined efforts of visual artist and photographer Pamela Kleemann-Passi, Bullfrog Creative Agency […]

The first time I heard this song, was in the year 2018, the first few seconds of this song had me sold. I remember listening to it thinking it was an overseas artist. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the artist was none other the Natalie Raikadroka and from then on “When I Sing” […]

How freaky is this?  

The Rooster Chicken Fijiana Drua after the 17-7 win yesterday against the Brumbies Women have booked their spot directly to the final of the Super W Competition. Winning against the Brumbies makes it five wins from five games and they sit at the top of the ladder with 24 points. Followed by NSW Waratahs Women […]