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Eileen Cikamatana has created history in not only winning gold but settingĀ  Games Records in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total in the Womens 87kg Category. She has also become the first woman to win Gold for two different countries in an individual event. The 22-year-old won gold for Australia today. She won gold […]

Exactly a year ago a group of young women were putting their name in the history books as they competed for Fiji in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. They won hearts and fans in Fiji and around the world with their performance. Rugby being the sport of the nation for Fiji anyone that wears the […]

In Fiji, you’ll see men with ladders climbing high up to change the bulbs. They do things a little differently (and certainly a lot easier) in Saudi Arabia.

When you could go from A to B but decide to go from A to G to L to X to B

Emmanuel is an emu who chooses violence. And it’s hilarious!

Turns out, the most feared animal on the African plains aren’t lions but hippos! Meanwhile, we think they’re all cute and cuddly!

Yes, you read that correctly. The startling video of a waterfall being a “waterup” in India was posted online and was caused by heavy monsoon weather.

This looks scary and is another reminder of how powerful nature is.

This video is 10 years old now and honestly, it is still epic! Imagine setting off 7000 fireworks off by mistake!

When alcohol convinces you that you’re fireproof.