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Author: Mere Moto

Parenting has its moments. And with social media parents now are able to share their moments with everyone. Here are some funny parents tweets. How cool is this kid? I wish it was this easy to organize a party for my nephews and nieces. Sometimes as parents you just have to sit back and just […]

Growing up we all had rules to live by that was created to keep us on the straight and narrow. Parents and guardians would have these in place and there would be some form of consequences if one chooses not to follow these rules. However, there are times that some of these rules could be […]

Technology has very much become a part of everyones daily lives. Let’s take a look at a phone for instance. It is not just used for phone calls anymore it has become so much more than that. It has become the alarm clock, the different apps allow for you to get anything done online from […]

Most people like to take photos with famous people. For me being the rugby mad person that I am I love taking photos with famous rugby players. I even have this album that is titled #My5secsOfFame this is where I have all those celebrity photos including the rugby photos. These photos include Cecil Africa and […]

Simply put it is the day between Christmas and New Years. Around the time when we are not too sure of  what we are doing, our plans and even what we what to do in the new year. Really is just a very confusing time. Where does the word originate from? Twixmas is thought to […]

Christmas time usually involves decorations and a Christmas tree. But what if you have pets at home. Pets usually love things like decorations and think that it may be a toy and don’t  get me started on having a tree in the house with pets around. So here are some ideas that may help. Fence […]

Temperatures have been pretty high in Fiji for the past few weeks. I have heard a few people complaining and most saying they would rather that it snowed. Now get this the Antarctic has temperatures going to -60°C and will freeze your food before you can get it to your mouth. Take a look at […]

With only a few days away from Christmas I still do not have a Christmas tree. No don’t get it wrong I am not a Grinch I love Christmas I just have a combination of not enough time and wanting to do something different with my Christmas tree. The idea was given to me by […]

Eileen Cikamatana has created history in not only winning gold but setting  Games Records in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total in the Womens 87kg Category. She has also become the first woman to win Gold for two different countries in an individual event. The 22-year-old won gold for Australia today. She won gold […]

Exactly a year ago a group of young women were putting their name in the history books as they competed for Fiji in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. They won hearts and fans in Fiji and around the world with their performance. Rugby being the sport of the nation for Fiji anyone that wears the […]