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Back To School Shopping: Don’t get ripped off, A true story

Written by on January 12, 2024

Back to school shopping is never easy. With the price of uniforms, shoes and stationaries and everything else going up every year. Do not even get me started on parents and guardians with children that have to attend boarding schools with all the requirements per child.

TIP: Shop around to stay within budget

This may be a time consuming and exhausting but it will ensure that you stay within budget and break the bank too much.

True Story: 

A woman from Naitasiri came to Nausori town to buy school uniform. When she arrived in Nausori she saw that the uniform was $35 for one set, seeing the price she decided to make her way to Suva to check on the price.

Her trip to Suva was worth it because she was able to save money on buying the uniform, the same uniform that cost $35 in Nausori cost only $18 in Suva.

So a word of advice to parents and guardians and those of us that will be doing back to school shopping be aware while shopping so you do not get ripped off.




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