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How many cakes does one have for their birthday? To have at least one cake is great but i had a friend that celebrated his birthday this week and it truly was a birthday week for him. He had a week of celebrations and lots and lots of cake. By the end of this week, […]

They say life begins at 40. A friend celebrated his 40th Birthday yesterday. And seems like it is his 1st birthday with all the cakes he has been getting. So since his birthday yesterday, he has had 3 cakes. The first cake was from his workmates along with lunch. His second cake was from his […]

What is the time? That is the question that was asked quite a lot today. A lot of us woke up with different times on devices and watches i was one of those people. Scrambling around for the correct time because i had to do some things today and i needed to be on time. […]

We all have stories or experiences that we have had with taxis and taxi drivers. Today i had an experience that i am not sure if it would be called funny or weird. This taxi i got into the driver was having a personal conversation with someone and his phone was on loudspeaker. So there […]

Technology is always changing and evolving and at times it changes so much and so fast that we feel like we are left behind. It is pretty much something that helps in every aspect of life in this age and time and is an important communication tool. With the world coming to a halt with […]

Flip flops come in many different styles, sizes, varieties, brands and colours. But for the most part, many of us have at least one pair and some have more than one. But like anything, there is always wear and tear and there comes a time when we have to get a new pair. However, there […]

Most of the traditions of Christmas that we follow in Fiji is not our own. It is traditions from other countries around the world. However, we do have things that we do in Fiji that i guess you could call “Only in Fiji” my friends and i came up with 3 major ones. This is […]

December is the month of “happenings” lol. So many things to do, so little time. In actual fact, time is not the only thing we lack this month, the biggest culprit that has us crippled most of the time is “money.” It’s the “mon-tee”┬áthat forces our hand more often than not. This week is the […]