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I’m not too sure who needs to hear this but this video popped up in my Facebook memories and I got a lightbulb moment. I’m actually glad that it popped up again cause Lord knows I needed a reminder and I feel one of you may need this too. For the longest time in my […]

Just when you think that the internet has shown you every possible way to twerk they drop this TikTok video. Never have I been so fascinated and confused about everything. Check it out:

Watching this FOX News presenter trying to explain to his colleague about a Netflix show “You” doing a measles episode and everything was flying way over her head. Even when he tried to explain it slowly it didn’t register. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than normal for some people to understand things. I have […]

And it’s because of videos like this. We’re assuming he lost a bet of some sort and we hope the young man in this video is ok.

We aren’t going to lie. This had us bawling like babies this morning. You can feel the love Kolinisau has for his parents so strongly in this.    

Get enough Fijians together to do a project of some sort and there will be music! It’s just who we are. Fortunately, the music makes it feel less like work and more like having fun. Next thing you know, you’re done. These guys are working hard but having lots of fun.  

Steve Harvey is all about the “Funny” business and I mean in a good way. You can bet your bottom dollar that when you searching for Steve Harvey videos you’re guaranteed to have a laugh. He has this new segment called Game or Lame on the Steve Harvey Show, which is basically a battle of […]

Michael Jackson impacted so many peoples lives through his music. I mean, think about it for someone like me with two left feet, listening to MJ’s “Thriller” made want to always get up and dance. For one, Thriller was and is such a hit and secondly, I wanted to see if I could still remember […]

The reason why September by Earth Wind & Fire is in a league of its own. After watching them breakdown this song I’m just mindblown at all the elements that go into making this song what it is.

  When it comes to scary movies there are a couple of things it needs to get right to qualify as good. These are: Jump Scares – Unexpected thing happens on screen The light factor – Are the lights on or off during the viewing of said film Moral Support – Do you need someone […]