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  The beauty of different cultures  around the World. In Fiji, we splash water at each other in celebration and across the globe in Japan, they celebrate New Year a little different, with their annual Shinto ritual. They bravely submerge themselves in an ice bath and pray to welcome the New Year. Pretty cool!   […]

  In a one on one interview, Camille Vasquez, opens up about the trial stating ‘ this is a person who burns bridges” there was no one willing to help Heard’s atorney and it was as if Vasquez felt sorry for her colleague. More on the story here:  

Big Ben is back! Its been 5years, since we last heard the familiar bells of Big Ben ring through London. So good to see a sign of restoration at such difficult times we’ve gone through.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)

Erendira Vasquez Wellenda has been known to be a daredevil in her own right before marrying into the Wellenda family. She sealed her name as a daredevil 2017 while dangling by her teeth from a helicopter 300-feet above Niagara Falls – breaking her husband Nik’s world record in the process. The wind was much stronger […]

Season 4 finally dives deeper in to the Mystery of Aaravos. Fans of the Show have been dying to know more about this Whispering Weirdo. Aaravos first showed up in season 1, and we got to see the range of his powers by the end of season 3 when the main story line tied up, […]

Real-life ninja!

What if the people who had to pick litter in Fiji did this?

This is probably the cutest thing you’ll see today. Labrador puppies learning how to swim!

Meanwhile all we know how to do on the piano is whack the keys. This kid is so talented

Check out this dog. When we say he can go, he can gooooooo!