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Well, at least they’re being very helpful

And here they tell their story  

This might be the most soothing video you watch today. And the talent on display is amazing.  

This is probably going to be one of the freakiest videos you’ll watch today and considering it is only 10 seconds long that is quite some feat. Argentinian vice president Cristina Kirchner had a gun aimed at her head, trigger pulled then in jammed.

Actress Drew Barrymore recently uploaded a short video of her frolicking in the rain. No big deal right? Apparently not. An African-American Tiktok user posted a video claiming that Barrymore was being racist. Watch the video below for an “explanation” Note how we put explanation in quotes because like you, we have no idea what […]

Victoria was talking about the first episode of the new HBO show House of the Dragon and we came across this video of pretty much everyone in this apartment building all watching it at the same time. Pretty cool to look at.  

I was only today’s years old when I found out that there are actually words that people hate! If you’re new to this as well, click on the video below and cross check if their are word that you don’t like.  

In Fiji, you’ll see men with ladders climbing high up to change the bulbs. They do things a little differently (and certainly a lot easier) in Saudi Arabia.

Now if you’re like me and have a jellyfish phobia then count your lucky stars you are not on this boat! Check out the video below that’s going viral of a boat surrounded by a swarm of huge jellyfish in Israel.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)

When you could go from A to B but decide to go from A to G to L to X to B