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This is a very short video but this dog is rocketing in to the house. Rumour has it very Fijian high schools are trying to recruit it for the Coke Games. Watch to see what this dog is running from

If you are up for some nature documentary this weekend then I have what you need right here! The one and only Sir David Attenborough has come out with another video to soothe you into the secret lives of charismatic and captivating animals. Check out the link below for the full video!    

I love pet videos like this !!! It’s pretty much the same with all the videos but the crime is always different – pet owners coming home to a mess, the culprits still at the scene of the crime and then the question “WHO DID THIS” is asked and almost immediately you can tell who […]

We are witnessing an Olympian in the making I tell you.  I felt every emotion as she run her race from start to end!!!You can tell at the start of the race her mum is trying to keep her cool and be supportive regardless the outcome. But no one expected this to happen. As you […]

A group of neighborhood kids came together to help teach a little boy how to ride his bike. The boy’s mom captured the footage.

We always wonder whenever we see videos of sloths, how are they still around? Some morning sloth cuteness right here.

What if you woke up one night and you were in bed with some big cats. Literally.

Here’s a 2 minute video of Tiger Woods and his son Charlie on the golf course in 2020. What get’s me about this video is the characteristics that Charlies has when he’s on the green is so similar to his dad, Tiger. You see the club twirl, the nose sniffles, the power thrust it’s all […]

He was only asking for around $1200. They refused to pay so he wrote a diss track about the airline. After United Airlines refused to pay for his broken guitar Dave released a complaint diss track which caused the Airline’s stock to go down 10% and lost about 180 million.

We have all misheard lyrics at one point in our lives. Some more than others. Check out the video and see which lyrics you misheard.