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Imagine you’re invited to a wedding and you’re asked to bring your own food would you still go? That’s exactly what this couple overseas did. One couple saved around £8,000 ($10,000) on their wedding by asking friends to bring their own food and shopping second-hand in charity shops instead of buying new. Bride Shelby Phelps, […]

I know I’ve talked about how some of theses 5 minute crafts have gotten out of hand, But I managed to find some crafts that just might save the holiday season.   If you’re like me and haven’t even put up a tree, theses are the DIY hacks we need.

  The power of DNA! Thanks to it, it reunited Melissa Higgsmith to her family after she was abducted by the baby sitter at 22 months old. 51 years later, her sister says “never give up, chase every lead”     View this post on Instagram A post shared by CNN (@cnn)