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16 year old Mika from Fiji who recently arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland to play with the Wolves Rugby Club was unaware that Edinburgh  Rugby has what they call “Club Appreciation Night” where they take time to show appreciation to other clubs and players. Someone from Mika’s club reached out to Edinburgh to see if they […]

So we all have that one family story that never gets old and is passed on like an heirloom from one generation to the next. Here’s mine, an aunt of mine married a man from Naitasiri. After their wedding ceremony, she officially moved to Naitairi to carry our her duties. Their first Sunday lunch, my […]

If you can, please do give something to help Maleli out.    

  We so often hear about the negative aspects of social media that it can be easy to forget that it can also be used for good. As a tool to garner support at a grassroots level, nothing else comes close in terms of effectiveness. This was the case when X user @Vive_Fj (pictured above […]

Well, if she loves him very much… byu/neonroli47 infunny

A 2-year-old boy in Texas managed to order a whopping 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s using his mom’s unlocked phone According his mum, she initially thought Barrett was just amusing himself by taking photos on her phone   In a tale that proves technology and toddlers don’t always mix well, a 2-year-old managed to order an […]

The Nasinu suburb of Newtown or “Taonivou” as it is affectionately known as to those who live recently launched a grassroots program aimed at helping Year 8 students from Newtown and nearby communities in prepping for the upcoming Fiji Eight Year Examination. With teachers graciously taking time to help prepare the students for this major […]

With all the chaos happening in the world, Jada Pinkett Smith takes front and center with her new book “Worthy” shocking fans with revelation after revelation. From her seven year separation with husband, Will Smith even her ‘surprise to Will calling her his wife at the Oscars’ to her constant revisit to the past with her “soulmate” Tupac. […]

This short video of a little boy wanting to swim despite his dad warning him not too is a lesson to kids to listen to their parents. 59 degrees Farenheit is 15 degrees Celsius so the water is very, very cold! WATCH then show to your own kids

“Dementia is a family disease”  these are the words shared by Bruce Willis wife, Emma Hemming Willis in an interview on Today. In February, Bruce’s family shared his diagnosis and after multiple tests, it has been confirmed that he actor has frontotemporal dementia. This a form of dementia that can cause difficulties in communication.       […]