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Fiji, a small nation rich in culture and traditions, uniquely preserves its stories not in conventional libraries but throughout its natural and human landscape. The essence of Fijian history and knowledge is found in rock, wood, leaf, flower, and especially in people, collectively forming the Vanua. Without a written language before colonization, Fijians used oral […]

Violet Langan is a Brisbane pastor who also moved to Australia from Fiji and helps households struggling to afford bills and food explained that  groceries have become quite expensive even for this the employed. “It’s just too expensive for things that have risen in costs, the basics. You don’t get much out of $100,” she […]

              “Eda sa qaqa”, the harmonies of five Fijian PALM workers filled the air of a warm and spice-scented kitchen. A tune well known to those  back home and means “We have overcome”.                 While others spent Saturdays making the most of […]

Pita, from the photos and videos released online about what he does,  seems to be your average, everyday, young iTaukei boy who is just trying to get through his teenage years the same way we all did once. For Pita though, his traditional method of healing speech impediments in young children has seen people travel […]