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KFC just made things pretty exciting in Australia by  launching a wild pop-up restaurant to celebrate the addition of a new permanent menu item. Three new burgers, the ‘Original Crispy’, the ‘Original Crispy Cheese and Bacon’ and the ‘Original Crispy Stacker’, are now available to hungry Aussies at KFC stores around the country. However the […]

With over 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 2 million followers on Facebook. food vlogger Mike Chen on his channel Strictly Dumpling is    pretty well-known. He was on a 48-hour stopover in Fiji and took some time to catch and cook some local crab.

South Korea’s food ministry has urged people to not to eat green, fried toothpicks after TikTok users shared videos of themselves doing so. Once deep-fried, the toothpicks – made from either sweet potato or corn starch – resemble jade-coloured, skinny curly fries. In a social media post the ministry of food and drug safety reminded […]

So we all have that one family story that never gets old and is passed on like an heirloom from one generation to the next. Here’s mine, an aunt of mine married a man from Naitasiri. After their wedding ceremony, she officially moved to Naitairi to carry our her duties. Their first Sunday lunch, my […]

Well, if she loves him very much… byu/neonroli47 infunny

A 2-year-old boy in Texas managed to order a whopping 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s using his mom’s unlocked phone According his mum, she initially thought Barrett was just amusing himself by taking photos on her phone   In a tale that proves technology and toddlers don’t always mix well, a 2-year-old managed to order an […]

19-year-old India Castley has been on a diet of raw meat since last year. According to India since switching her diet to raw meat only she has lost 5kg and her acne problem has cleared up. She eats only raw meat and has excluded vegetables from her diet for good. According to scientists this isn’t […]

Tik Tok’s viral Arab chefs – Abir El Saghir has gained millions of followers on social media for her short videos of recipes from around the world that she prepares with matching outfits and accessories.                 From a small town in Lebanon’s west Bekka, chef Abir El Saghir […]

Earlier this week, Burger King Thailand shared a first look at the cheeseburger, which the fast-food chain has named the “real cheeseburger,” on social media. “Not for fun, this is for real!” a 9 July post on the official Burger King Thailand Facebook reads. The post also included a photo of the cheeseburger, which is […]

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that a sweetener often found in ‘diet’ soda products is ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. The product Aspartame which can also be found in yoghurt, gum and most ‘diet’ products will officially be listed as having the potential to cause cancer.The findings are based on three different studies which suggest […]