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  Now, we all love a good subway or hot dog from across Traps nightclub, once in awhile but if you had the money to buy as money as you wanted, how many do you thik you can eat?…. check out this guy, he ate 63 of them.     View this post on Instagram […]

It’s safe to say that after a long day, all we want is to chill. But that’s not always the case, there’s dinner, homework, the kids, etc. I’m always on the hunt for things that are quick and easy but lately meals have come down to tea and sandwiches. We’d even skip the sandwiches and […]

So we have all heard of Boba Tea and all sorts of lattes and whatnot. But have you heard of Broccolatte? I know even the name sounds interesting and you must be curious about it as well. Well let me tell you more about it. The scientists at Australia‚Äôs chief research organization, CSIRO, created a […]

Fast-food is literally a huge part of our everyday lives. The way that its packaged and served also plays a huge role . Taco bell has opened up its new branch in Minneapolis that is just so futuristic in all aspects. Check it out in the video below. View this post on Instagram A post […]

Everywhere around the globe certain places are known for their unique dishes and delicacies native to its region. Some are so exotic that even the thought of them being eaten can be pretty questionable. But lets not dwell on that and lets go through a few of them. 100 year old Eggs(Hong Kong) One of […]

As soon as you say to store food people think of Refrigerators and coolers or Tupperware containers. But we all know there are other ways to store food that was used in earlier times before the invention of coolers and refrigerators. 1)Burying Burying food might seem like an odd way to keep it fresh, but […]