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Are the monkeys getting smarter or are we getting dumber?      

Well, kind of. Whilst there never was a doll that looked like and was named Annabelle, there is however a well documented case of a doll which the movies are loosely based on. Below, paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren holds the original Annabelle doll, a “possessed” Raggedy Ann that began terrorizing her owner in 1970. Allegedly, […]

It’s a video that has gone viral with millions of views showing Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna getting on to an elevator. There’s only one issue. The video is 100% what’s called a “deepfake” which has been defined as “a video of a person in which their face or body has been digitally altered so that […]

  Meet Bayleigh Teepa-Tarau, a 12 year old autistic schoolboy from a small rural town in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty seen here with his grandfather caused a seismic shock in NZ’s golfing scene after winning a national tournament after having played the sport just 3 times! For Bayleigh’s parents Hemi Tarau and Pare Teepa, […]

With the Rugby World Cup 2023 finally set to kick off tomorrow in France with what promises to be an epic showdown between the All Blacks and Les Bleus and with our very own Flying Fijians facing the Welsh Dragon on Monday, here are 5 things you didn’t know about rugby’s premier competition. 1.New Zealand’s […]

It’s the S we all most likely drew at some point growing up: But what is it called and where did it come from? Well, the first question is relatively simple to answer   The official name for this S is “Cool S’ and as to where it comes from, that’s a bit more complicated […]

While you may know Mark Zuckerberg as the awkward founder of Facebook, this CEO is getting hardcore with his workouts. “His neck swells wider than his jaw. His shoulders are capped with muscle. His forearms bulge. He looks — to use a scientific term — completely shredded,” declared the New York Times in June 2023. […]

A woman’s pet cat has grown so big it is now the size of an adult male bobcat — and weighs in at about 11 kilograms. Meet Dexter Dexter uses a 30litre box as his litter box. Laura his owner spends $115 on vet bills, toys and dog food – yes he eats dog food. Credits: […]

The box of sweets was given to a schoolgirl to celebrate the 1902 coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra and has remained untouched for more than a century. They were given to nine-year-old Mary Ann Blackmore at her school that year, but instead of eating them, she decided to keep them as a […]

Now there is a place in Italy that is taking pasta to new heights as they have started making the iconic Italian staple out of CRICKETS! Yes, actual crickets but that’s not the worst thing! This new phase of pasta actually more expensive than the actual normal pasta and is becoming popular amongst the people. […]