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Let’s just be quite honest, at this point I am just CONFUSED! Why are they making it so difficult for us with all these back and forth nonsense! If I was Henry Cavill I would probably be annoyued at this point. Click the link below for the full article. View this post on Instagram A […]

Let’s just start off by saying HOW AND WHY?! This is honestly the most bizzare thing I have ever come acrooss, check out how this particular lunch staff had gotten away with stealing 1.5 million worrth of chicken wings! Check out the link below for the full article.   View this post on Instagram A […]

So another rare sighting of this amazing phenomenon called the “Mother of Pearl” was seen across Scotland overnight! I remember the first time I had experienced this amazing phenomenon and let me just it was honestely a MASTERPIECE! Check out the article below for pictures of these rare sightings!   View this post on Instagram […]

It’s one thing to be rich but it’s definetly something to be a multi million dollar Heiress! Meet Devanshi Sanghvi, who’s family owns a very luxury Diamond business. Well just recently, she has said to have renounced the material world to connect spiritually and become a nun! I guess her calling in this life was […]

According to official statistics, the price of onions surged in the Philippines to around 700 pesos ($12.80; £10.40) per kg last month. That is more than the cost of meat, and the Southeast Asian country’s daily minimum wage. Earlier this month, 10 crew members from Philippine Airlines were investigated for attempting to smuggle nearly 40kg […]

This really has to be one of the most amazing things I have come across! Check out the video below on how different restaurants are saving their oyster shells after consumption to pile them along river banks to help stop flooding in the New Orleans, Louisiana. Find the link below!       View this […]

Let me just start off by saying that if this was my cat and he went missing for 74 days, best believe I will go down to the pet store and get a new cat! I’m sitting here trying to figure out what this particular cat was doing for 74 days out in the wilderness?! […]

This is the first time I have ever heard about something like this and honestly, I think it’s the sweetest thing that could have been invented! Now this postbox was introduced during the Covid pandemic, especially for those who had lost loved ones and didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.   Check out the […]

  “For me, it is time”. Fighting back tears announcing “I no longer have enough fuel in the tank”, NZ Prime Minister, Jacinta Arden has resigned after 5 years in office and will be stepping down next month. She will also not be seeking re-election.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]