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LegendFM is thrilled to announce our new Drive Show host, Jerry Ligairi. If he looks or sounds familiar that is because Jerry was with LegendFM some years ago before moving on to pursue other things. Radio however, has remained a passion and to paraphrase Eminem “guess who’s back, Jerry’s back!”. Ligairi who is from Nabalebale […]

  $5. That is how much the young George Veikoso earned from the audience the very first time he sang for more than just fun.  Decades later, numerous albums later, the legendary George FIJI Veikoso has achieved yet another amazing milestone as noted by Precise Digital, a media agency that monitors artist performances. A truly […]

Over 360 entries from across the Pacific. 360 plus talented Pacific artists vying for the Pacific Break title. And at the end of it all, Fijian rapper Peni Roqara better known as Ju Ben stood the tallest. Ju Ben, who at one point worked in the sugarcane industry, won for his song Sema Mai. With […]

This decade of current music is filled with nostalgia, featuring samples of classic songs that we grew up listening to. These songs are often remixed, revamped, and featured with original artists. For me, one such song is “Begging” by Madcon, which I first heard on the soundtrack of the 2010 movie “Step Up 3D”. After […]

Diplo, the world-renowned DJ and producer, has been making headlines recently with his comments on his own sexuality. In an interview with model Emily Ratajkowski, Diplo revealed that he believes he may have received oral sex from a man in the past. However, he also stated that he doesn’t consider himself gay, as he is […]

Jay-Z had once refused compensation for his appearance on a record by Silkk the Shocker during the late ’90s. Silkk, recently told  Art of Dialogue revealing that he (Jay-Z) turned down the $100,000 he attempted to give him (Jay-Z) for hopping on his 1999 song “You Know What We Bout. Sillk said he was fortunate to […]

Digital Content Producer by day and DJ at night is how one would describe Canaan Ene. He has also amassed a massive following on TikTok where he has over 104.9K followers, you can find him here: canaanene He also had this series on TikTok ‘Every Song Is A Reggae Song‘ and this is him breaking […]