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Author: Ateca Tukana

This video reminded me of so much of my “wedewede”(to have a crush on someone) days. I loved every minute of it, the band, the vocals, vibe -completely unplugged and raw. This made my Sunday morning I tell you. By the way, if ever you wake up at 2am with the hopes to go back […]

Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie has just created a David Bowie Barbie doll to honour his contributions to music, art, fashion, and film. The David Bowie Barbie Doll “celebrates the 50th anniversary of his classic Hunky Dory, the iconic “Life on Mars?” video, and an outfit forever associated with this ultimate pop chameleon.  

I nearly fell of my chair this afternoon, when I saw this video. So TikTok video shows how to remove fat from food with ice, however my sister from another mister had other plans in mind!!! Watch the video for the full story, you will not be disappointed.   View this post on Instagram A […]

Incase you haven’t heard, Elvis is out in cinemas now. Even though I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, I’ve. been doing this thing where I’m watching interviews with the cast of Elvis, checking out the soundtrack and basically watching and reading anything that I can find about the Baz Luhrmann directed movie. […]

It’s safe to say that after a long day, all we want is to chill. But that’s not always the case, there’s dinner, homework, the kids, etc. I’m always on the hunt for things that are quick and easy but lately meals have come down to tea and sandwiches. We’d even skip the sandwiches and […]

When you hear the name Justin Timberlake, one of two things come to your mind first; it’s either singing or dancing. But after watching recent viral video, I don’t know what to think. Justin Timberlake teamed up with Pharrell Williams at the Juneteenth concert this year. While his vocals were on point, his dance moves […]

It’s an astounding find to be honest. The biggest freshwater fish ever documented was found in the Mekong river in Cambodia, according to scientists. It weighs a whopping 300kg, the giant stingray was studied and tagged before being released back into the river. After watching that video, I’m starting to think of some of my […]

Would you live with 100 cockroaches in your home? How about if someone offered to pay you money for it? There’s a North Carolina pest control company that’s offering home owners $2000 to live with 100 cockroaches for an experiment. The stay is for 30days, the entire experiment is going to be filmed in order […]

It was just another day of exploring the internet when I stumbled up this video on YouTube and just like that I went down the rabbit hole and I’m still in it. So quick story about the girl who’s been cycling around the world since 2011. Jin is from South Korea, here she is pictured […]

I thoroughly enjoy peeling potatoes, something about going through the motions of it all makes it so therapeutic. But of course this is only true when I’m not rushing through my meal prep. However, for anyone who spends a bit of time in the kitchen during functions, will understand when I say that peeling potatoes […]