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Author: Ateca Tukana

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On March 23, 2021 there was a huge issue on the Suez Canal. A year ago, MV Ever Given rammed its bow into Asia, ran its stern onto Africa, and her midships straddled the Suez Canal for six days. It was estimated that because one container ship that seemed like a skyscraper built sideways, dammed […]

“Surrender to Me” is a 2022 single by FireCityFunk. It was first written and recorded in 1978 but remained unreleased until 2022 when it became the subject of a viral TikTok video by the son of Curly Smith, who co-wrote the song and provided its vocals. This is the TikTok video that went viral. Warning: […]

Our daily check-ins with friends who have become family and now living abroad are one of my favourite things to do in the morning. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me; it’s the value of family and friends and making the most of every minute you have with them. But sometimes there […]

This video is such a vibe, in actual fact, it’s a whole mood!!! So much so, that I intend to have this same vibe when I am old and grey and my girls and I decided to have a night out on the town. The only difference is the night out on the town would […]

I channeled my inner child this weekend as my daughter hit the big ONE THREE (13). It’s official now, I am the mother of a teenage daughter!!!( If you have any pointers for me, please leave them in the comments section as I feel they will come in handy.) To celebrate her becoming a teen, […]

How many times have you come across stories about women giving birth to more than 5 babies on social media and think to yourself how did she do it? I know I have countless number of times. Giving birth to one is feat in itself, I can’t even begin to fathom the thought of giving […]

This morning, as I was halfway down the driveway making my way to work I realised I forgot my mask. So I quickly dashed into the house to grab it as the taxi waited. It wasn’t until I reached work that I realised that this was no longer mandatory. I never thought I’d see this […]

It indeed is a rare sight to see the royals let loose during official visits, well maybe not, but it is indeed rare to see Prince William put a bit more umph in his dance steps. The Duke of Cambridge may have stolen the show with his dancing moves. The Royal Family Channel on YouTube […]

When I first heard the song from local artist Ratu I immediately fell in love with “Adi”. It had everything that you could want from a great song – an intricate melody, relatability ( we all have that “Adi” kind of love) and it guarantees to get you up and grooving. So when the Magic […]

Feeling like some rugby highlights on a Monday well, maybe one rugby highlight – Fiji vs New Zealand in the 1999 Dubai 7s and a scrap broke out. If you forgotten what happened, here we go:   Now if that wasn’t enough for you let’s take a look and Fiji Seven’s rugby home ground matches […]