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Written by on October 28, 2021


Lightyear' trailer replaces Tim Allen as voice of Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear  -

Last night Pixar surprised us by dropping the trailer for Lightyear.  

Lightyear is a spinoff from the Toy Story franchise which started in the ’90s and will focus on Buzz Lightyear. 

It has Chris Evans voicing Buzz and not Tim Allen, as has been the norm in the series till now. This has gotten fans musing as to why Tim Allen is not involved in this project. 

Many have even gone on to suggest that the reason Allen isn’t involved is that he voices the “Toy” Buzz Lightyear while Chris Evans is voicing the real person that the toy is based on. 

Also, Chris Evans is the only confirmed cast so far, so yeah this will be dropping next year. Just hope that they drop us a bit more information on who is in it as we draw closer to the release date.

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