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Author: John Vakaloloma

So I am on Twitter (X) and I see this. A 60-year-old Argentinian woman is embracing a “new paradigm” in beauty — and is on track to compete for the title of Miss Universe! Alejandra Rodríguez, a lawyer and journalist from La Plata, won the Miss Universe Buenos Aires pageant this week, becoming the first […]

Yooooooooo, can we talk about Kelly Clarkson for a sec?  This queen has been slaying covers left and right on her show, and it’s like every track she touches turns to solid gold. It’s not just singing; it’s like she’s breathing a whole new vibe into these songs. Take “Hopelessly Devoted to You” – that […]

Rowan Atkinson, the guy we all know as Mr. Bean, is basically a legend who never gave up on his dreams. So, get this – he was born into a regular middle-class family and had a tough time as a kid dealing with a bad stutter. On top of that, he got teased at school […]


Ed Sheeran has left fans in awe with a surprise appearance in the comedy film “Sumotherhood,” where he takes on the unexpected role of a homeless drug addict. The movie, directed by rapper Adam Deacon, promises a laughter-filled ride through its parody of the UK urban genre. After glimpses of Ed’s cameo surfaced on social […]

Palworld, the highly anticipated action-adventure survival game, is making waves in the gaming community as it promises a unique blend of gameplay elements, earning it the moniker “Pokémon with machine guns.” Developed by the Japanese studio Pocket Pair, Palworld offers players a thrilling experience in a multiplayer, open-world environment where they can fight, farm, build, […]

Have you seen season 1? Are you checking this out?

In Germany, there is a completely functional train that has been converted into a Techno club. byu/Holzbau inDamnthatsinteresting

Well, if she loves him very much… byu/neonroli47 infunny