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Author: John Vakaloloma

From when he burst on to the scene in 2020 with Someone you loved, Lewis Capaldi has become a Household Name. His new Single “Forget me” continues to stay true to who Capaldi is as an Artist. Heartfelt and true lyrics that touch at your very soul. Asides from his lyrical prowess, I reckon Capaldi […]

I know I’ve talked about how some of theses 5 minute crafts have gotten out of hand, But I managed to find some crafts that just might save the holiday season.   If you’re like me and haven’t even put up a tree, theses are the DIY hacks we need.

This Audition on the Voice Australia had Judge Boy George guessing. Nek-minute it’s his own Song.

Sometimes theses random recommendations are so random I can help but wonder “Why is Bamboo salt so expensive” Have you ever heard of Bamboo Salt? I honestly didn’t know this was a thing until YouTube recommended it. When I saw the Title “Why Bamboo Salt Is So Expensive” my first thought was, “Wait there’s Bamboo […]

As soon as the News broke this was my reaction. In the midst of trying to make sense of it all I stumble across this twitter thread. henry cavill has been fighting the show-runners for years and it looks like he finally gave up his fight 😢 — ariel 🪴 (@cursedhat) October 29, 2022

The latest book by George R.R. Martin is a spectacular pictorial history of House Targaryen. The recognizable family at the center of HBO’s House of the Dragon prequel series to Game of Thrones. Over 180 brand-new illustrations are included!What distinguishes Fire & Blood from The Rise of the Dragon? Consider The Rise of the Dragon […]

Season 4 finally dives deeper in to the Mystery of Aaravos. Fans of the Show have been dying to know more about this Whispering Weirdo. Aaravos first showed up in season 1, and we got to see the range of his powers by the end of season 3 when the main story line tied up, […]


This Beautiful Irony!! @antisocialstudies #stitch with @lizzo that was a ✨historic✨ booty shake y’all. #history #lizzo #blackhistory #ushistory #apush #foundingfathers #teacher #historyteacher #aboutdamntime #HausLabsFoundation How was Lizzo’s DC performance a historic event? Why did Lizzo play James Madison’s crystal flute? ♬ original sound – Anti-Social Studies Lizzy making Her-story!!