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Author: John Vakaloloma

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This clip of Robbie Coltrane in the Harry Potter reunion was really impactful. Even more, now.

I love October cause with it comes all manner of spooky themed Movies and TV shows. And my absolutely must watch this month is a sequel to one of my Favs when I was growing up. If you haven’t seen the first Hocus Pocus, you are missing out! Watch it for the sole reason that, […]

Ed Sheeran’s will stand trial over claims that he “copied and used without permission or credit” Marvin Gaye’s vocals, for Lets het it on “including but not limited to melody, rhythms, harmonies, drums, bass line, backing chorus, beat, syncopation and looping. When I first came across this story on I didn’t see how the allegations made […]

Because I sure can!! Well, that and CHILLS as I started to get goosebumps watching this.

I had No Idea How Talented Jewel was! Of course new she was good from her hits like “You were meant for me”, “Foolish Games”, & “Standing Still” to name a few. But my mind was blown by how talented Jewel is, and I saw this unfold as I followed the 6th season of The […]


It drops as early as Next week Monday (22/08/22)    

“Black Crows, Hard To Handle”, is one of those songs that always manages to get me moving. But how ever much this song moved me, it pales in comparison to to the moves this 13 year old threw down, on Americas Got Talent back in 2018. What I though was going to be this shy timid […]