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Check out the video below of a woman paddle boarding and what she thought was the best experience of her life took an unexpected turn when she paddled up to a  dead humpback calf! Click the link below.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC Earth (@bbcearth)

Now check out how to men we’re kayaking and came across something that they weren’t expecting to see! What they spotted were was a very happy but the biggest turtle that they’ve ever seen. Click the link below for the video!   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)

    A wild male lion believed to be one of the world’s oldest has died after being speared by herders.Loonkiito, who was 19, died in Olkelunyiet village after preying on livestock.Conservation group Lion Guardians said he was “the oldest male lion in our ecosystem and possibly in Africa”. Most lions live to around 13 […]

Many environmentally conscious people consider that lab-grown meat can be an ethical alternative to conventional meat. It may solve multiple problems at once such as the food demands of the increasing population, helping the environment, and consuming cruelty-free meat. As it is cultured in labs, its fat content can also be modified making it more […]

Oh, Wishbone! What a classic TV show that was. It was the perfect blend of adventure, mystery, and education all wrapped up in a cute little Jack Russell Terrier. I remember rushing home from school just to catch the latest episode. The best part about Wishbone was how it brought classic literature to life for […]

The remains of an Australian man who vanished while fishing with friends have been found inside a crocodile.Kevin Darmody, 65, was last seen at Kennedy’s Bend – a well-known saltwater crocodile habitat in a remote part of northern Queensland – on Saturday.Ater a two-day search of the area, police euthanised two large crocodiles and found […]

Norway’scapital, Oslo, has unveiled a statue of a walrus who was put down last August due to public safety concerns. The bronze sculpture depicts Freya lying on her side on a shore, calling it “For Our Sins”. An online campaign raised $25,000 to make the statue. Freya was a popular attraction but was put down […]

A lion has been spotted in Chad’s Sena Oura National Park, where the big cats have not been seen since 2004 and were believed to be extinct until now. Click the link below for the full article!

A mutant pig has been born without its trademark snout. The piglet’s nostrils are located on top of its gums inside its mouth. As a result, the tiny porker has to breathe through it instead. The little swine was born on a ranch owned by a pig farmer, Mariolys Herrera, in Guantanamo Province, Cuba, at […]

This takes making something from nothing to a whole new meaning. In the sense that an eagle was recognized of his parental qualities by trying to hatch a  rock . Now he nutures an orphaned eaglet and is getting national attention for the great parent he is being . Check out the link below for […]