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Are the monkeys getting smarter or are we getting dumber?      

Well, if she loves him very much… byu/neonroli47 infunny

Momo the monkey’s taste of freedom is over. The primate spurred an hourslong search on Indianapolis’ east side after he escaped Wednesday evening from his owner’s property. But the male patas monkey was finally captured safely Thursday morning, police said.                           Momo was […]

Fans were surprised to see an alligator turn up at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball match with its owner. Joie Henney has said they were there to meet the players in an arranged visit, but will have to go another time. Wally – or WallyGator – is considered a support animal and has tens of thousands […]

A box of giraffe poo has been seized by customs agents at a US airport after a woman tried to bring the faeces into the country to make a necklace.             She declared the the small box of poo when she was selected to have her belongings inspected upon arriving […]

Imagine your dog running away from home to watch Metallica. The incident, confirmed by METALLICA‘s official Twitter account, revealed that Storm had the time of her life at the concert. After her unexpected adventure, Storm was safely returned home the next day. The concert was a major event, attracting almost 80,000 fans and even Hollywood […]

Ever had an unexpected visitor? Michelle Lespron had one and the experience was just like a horror film scene. Michelle Lespron returned to her Tucson, Arizona, home to find a snake had set up camp in her toilet. “I’d been gone for four days and was looking forward to using my own restroom in peace. […]

Harrison Ford’s legendary Indiana Jones character may fear snakes, but the actor now has a real reptile named after him. A new-found species of snake in Peru has been named Tachymenoides harrisonfordi to honour the actor’s environmental advocacy. Ford, who is the vice chair of non-profit group Conservation International, called it “humbling”. “I don’t understand. […]

A pet owner was left stunned when she learned the ‘puppy’ she had bought for £140 was actually a fox. The woman, only known as Ms Wang, paid what she thought was a Japanese Spitz but grew suspicious when the animal stopped eating dog food at three months old. Chinese media reported that Ms Wang […]

That’s how a man described the reaction to his rescue of a sheep, stranded on a rock by the tide. Chris Oxlade-Arnott made headlines across the world after scaling jagged rocks with the ewe slung over his back. The experienced climber spotted the animal at the bottom of a cliff while walking in Devon, England, […]