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The islands of the Pacific are the smallest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world but the effects on us are the greatest. According to Tiana Miller, the pictures below tell a very, very powerful story of how climate change affects us and will affect our children even more. This is what she posted on […]

‘The Monkey That Stole A Bus’. A book written and illustrated by an 8 year old author who dreams of raising enough money to buy himself a new set of wheels Young author and illustrator Alfie Dormand suffers from a rare genetic disorder called L1 Syndrome and a related condition known as Hydrocephalus, both of […]

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The first case of a crocodile who made herself pregnant has been identified at a zoo in Costa Rica. She produced a foetus that was 99.9% genetically identical to herself. The phenomenon of “virgin birth” has been found in species of birds, fish and other reptiles, but never before in crocodiles. The egg was laid […]

  A huge study detailed in the Nanomaterials journal has found that not only are microplastics absolutely everywhere, but we’re finding them in places like the brain, which of course is a little alarming. They have also been found in the human placenta, which suggests there really is no escape from these microscopic particulates. It […]

British Vogue has revealed five portraits featuring disabled activists, models and creatives for a series of May 2023 covers, a move the magazine hopes will further important conversations around disability in the media and society.  The “Reframing Fashion: Dynamic, Daring and Disabled” issue stars activist Sinéad Burke, actor Selma Blair, sign language performer Justina Miles […]

  Sydney has proudly been Australia’s largest city since the 19th century Gold rush but this has now changed. Melbourne’s rapid population growth due to international migration now has 4,875,400 people- just 18,700 more than Sydney now. People have been.  “It’s because more people have been moving out of Sydney, going to other parts of […]

A cast of what was one of the biggest animals ever to walk the Earth is now on show at London’s Natural History Museum. Patagotitan was a dinosaur that lived 100 million years ago in South America. Measuring some 37m (121ft) from nose to tail, the animal could have weighed up to 60 or 70 […]

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Elephants may be known for their size and strength, but tourists who ride on their backs can still do great harm, as this photo shared by a wildlife rescue group in Thailand shows. The picture provided by the Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand (WFFT) depicts Pai Lin, a 71-year-old female whose spine has become disfigured […]