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Elephants may be known for their size and strength, but tourists who ride on their backs can still do great harm, as this photo shared by a wildlife rescue group in Thailand shows. The picture provided by the Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand (WFFT) depicts Pai Lin, a 71-year-old female whose spine has become disfigured […]

Woke is a slang term, an adjective meaning alert or being “well informed” of the current social and political climate and is able to speak fluently or\f issues promoting or encouraging change. It can be used in the context of “stay woke”.   On a lighter note: The Cokes season is here, stay woke! It’s time […]

Hangry is a slang term to describe someone who is bad tempered because of being hungry. It’s a combination of the words “hungry” and “angry”. A low blood sugar can produce a “hangry” effect. Watching mukbang videos doesn’t help either. “If you are hangry, don’t hangry.”

Salty is a slang term described as being irritated or angry. This is not a new slang.It stems back to 1938 with that same meaning, but more precisely being salty is being upset or bitter as a result of being made fun of or feeling attacked. Or maybe, you’ve just toughened up by experience as […]

SENDING ME is an Expression of Extreme Amusement. The phrase “SENDING ME” is used in general chat and in text messaging as an expression of extreme amusement. It is used to show that the sender found something really funny. Just like those terms, “SENDING ME” can be used to express genuine amusement, but it can […]

If you’re like me and are trying to find something to fill that Anime void, boy do I have a blast from the past!!   Bleach, is back with a new season, and I don’t know about you but I am more than ready to dive back into the richly detailed world of Soul Reapers, […]

Stress can make you do things that are out of character. Whether you’re a student or a working student, submitting a write up is stressful. Here are some examples from online, don’t worry this is no one from Fiji as far as I know. A classic last minute trying to put things together. There a […]

Sometimes theses random recommendations are so random I can help but wonder “Why is Bamboo salt so expensive” Have you ever heard of Bamboo Salt? I honestly didn’t know this was a thing until YouTube recommended it. When I saw the Title “Why Bamboo Salt Is So Expensive” my first thought was, “Wait there’s Bamboo […]

  To promote integrity and honesty in this College, these students, went creative with ways to eliminate cheating in exams! How cool is this! View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)