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A shark thought to be rare in the UK has had its head and tail cut off after it was found dead on a beach. On Saturday, locals walking on Lepe beach in Hampshire discovered a dead shark which was later spotted without its head, tail and fin. Broadcaster and historian Dan Snow saw the […]

Booty-shaking worker bees guide their fellow workers to pollen by a form of communication known as “waggle dancing” — performing steps that map out where food is located and how far it is from the hive. And now scientists have discovered that bees hone these moves when they’re young, by touching their antennae to the […]

Temperatures have been pretty high in Fiji for the past few weeks. I have heard a few people complaining and most saying they would rather that it snowed. Now get this the Antarctic has temperatures going to -60°C and will freeze your food before you can get it to your mouth. Take a look at […]

We have always been told that swearing is not a good habit and is a vulgar one as well but not according to recent researchers. Researchers at UK universities have found there can be some good to swearing – with it being used as a ‘powerful’ tool to communicate, persuade, and help deal with pain. […]

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has gone to Sweden’s Svante Paabo for his work on human evolution. The Prize committee said he achieved the seemingly impossible task of cracking the genetic code of one of our extinct relatives – Neanderthals. Paabo’s work gets to the heart of some of the most fundamental questions […]