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Check out this stunning new image of a star-forming region in space has been released to celebrate the birthday of the James Webb telescope. It’s so funny how they say that human beings know more about space than their own ocean but do we really? Click the link below!   View this post on Instagram […]

An ambitious plan to fly travellers across the world via space would see the flight time between the UK and Australia drop to a mere two hours. The flights would enter space for a period of time before descending back into the Earth’s orbit – slashing a good 20 hours of flying time in the […]

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Sultan AlNeyadi makes history by becoming the first Arab to undertake a spacewalk. He and NASA astronaut Stephen Bowen spent more than six hours outside the International Space Station on  Friday to work on power system upgrades and attempt to retrieve equipment.     Al Jazeera English (@aljazeeraenglish) | Instagram

  The most powerful rocket ever developed is about to attempt a launch. Known as “Starship”, the rocket has been built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. It stands about 1200m (400 ft) high and is designed to have almost double the thrust of any rocket in history. Musk said, “It’s the first launch of a […]

Scientists believe that Earth’s inner core has stopped spinning. Geophysicists studied seismic wave data from earthquakes that traveled through Earth’s core. Around 2009, standard variations in seismic wave recordings subsided. The rotation of Earth’s inner core has likely paused, researchers say. Such changes likely won’t be noticeable to us or affect our daily lives, so […]

  NASA has released footage of astronauts taking a space walk at their space station. This was to put in place 2 new space arrays that took 7 hours to complete   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)

  Tonight (8th of November, 2022) , the skies dawn a different phenomenon. The world will will witness the last eclipse until 2025. The blood moon shows off at 8.02, peaks at 10.59pm and descends at 2am on Wednesday. Don’t forget to look up to the sky to admire the view tonight!     View […]

  Alas! Its a full 360 moment, as now, there is a high possibility we can live in caves…. on the moon! Would you?   Here’s the details : View this post on Instagram A post shared by CNN (@cnn)

Well, this seems to be a very far fetched theory but it makes total sense! Now scientists have realized a big pull in gravity on the outer edges of our solar system and are starting to believe that planet 9 exists. Personally, I think that these new discoveries are good for us as a human […]