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The largest by far! A humpback whale was washed ashore on a beach in Long Island, NY, on January 30 and later died. This is already the 10th whale to beach on the Atlantic coast of New York and New Jersey in the last two months alone. The cause of the mass beachings is unclear. But […]

The Dodo bird has been extinct since the 17th century. A group of scientists are trying to resurrect the bird. They plan to do this in a bold initiative that incorporate advances in ancient DNA sequencing, gene editing technology and synthetic biology. They hope the project will open up new techniques for bird conservation. The approach […]

So another rare sighting of this amazing phenomenon called the “Mother of Pearl” was seen across Scotland overnight! I remember the first time I had experienced this amazing phenomenon and let me just it was honestely a MASTERPIECE! Check out the article below for pictures of these rare sightings!   View this post on Instagram […]

  Mother nature can be very scary but it is such a phenomenon at the same time. Behold! Check out these incredible photos captured by a pilot of what a storm looks like above clouds!     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Pubity (@pubity)

  Tonight (8th of November, 2022) , the skies dawn a different phenomenon. The world will will witness the last eclipse until 2025. The blood moon shows off at 8.02, peaks at 10.59pm and descends at 2am on Wednesday. Don’t forget to look up to the sky to admire the view tonight!     View […]

  The sun really does smile 🙂 What may seem like irregular dark patches on the sun, but if you look closer, it appears that A NASA observatory captured a ‘jack-o-lantern’ cute smile. Gotta love it     View this post on Instagram A post shared by CNN (@cnn)

What an adventure for a 10 year old! With her dad by her side, little Quinn is one of the youngest to ever climb all 282 of Munro mountains in Scotland. She started this venture when she was 4 climbing the highest peak of Scotland- Ben Nevis.       View this post on Instagram […]

So if you thought that mushrooms were just for eating, you are sorely mistaken! If you haven’t heard about mushrooms and the unexpected ways that it can be used, then check out this post below.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC Earth (@bbcearth)