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Residents in a regional Australian town have woken to find millions of dead fish in their river. The New South Wales’ (NSW) town of Menindee’s river authority said it was a result of an ongoing heatwave affecting the Darling-Baaka river. Locals say the last time this significant mass death of fish occurred in their town, […]

A shark thought to be rare in the UK has had its head and tail cut off after it was found dead on a beach. On Saturday, locals walking on Lepe beach in Hampshire discovered a dead shark which was later spotted without its head, tail and fin. Broadcaster and historian Dan Snow saw the […]

Miley Cyrus’ lyrics hint at cheating rumors against ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. She is letting her lyrics do the talking. Miley just dropped her new album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, and people already think some lyrics hint at the cheating rumors.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Entertainment Tonight (@entertainmenttonight)

She has a point though. Why don’t concerts start at 1 pm or during the day atleast. It makes so much sense to.  Afternoon concerts in the weekend should be the new norm. Jamie Lee Curtis is onto something.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Entertainment Tonight (@entertainmenttonight)

Cars confiscated from drunk drivers in Latvia are being sent to Ukraine under a scheme designed to help the war effort there. The plan was approved by the Latvian parliament last month, and eight seized vehicles left a car pound in Riga on Wednesday and are due to cross the border soon. The first eight […]

Women in Berlin will soon be allowed to go topless at the city’s public swimming pools, like men, the Berlin state government said on Thursday. The new bathing rules allowing everyone to go swimming without covering their torsos followed a discrimination complaint by a woman who was not allowed to go topless in a swimming […]

Booty-shaking worker bees guide their fellow workers to pollen by a form of communication known as “waggle dancing” — performing steps that map out where food is located and how far it is from the hive. And now scientists have discovered that bees hone these moves when they’re young, by touching their antennae to the […]

Elephants may be known for their size and strength, but tourists who ride on their backs can still do great harm, as this photo shared by a wildlife rescue group in Thailand shows. The picture provided by the Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand (WFFT) depicts Pai Lin, a 71-year-old female whose spine has become disfigured […]

Keanu Reeves has reportedly earned more money from The Matrix films than any other actor in a single movie franchise. And according to reports, following the success of the movies, Keanu has beat the likes of Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise and The Avengers’ Robert Downey Jr. to be crowned the biggest earner among the movie […]

Emma Heming Willis is asking paparazzi to “keep your space” when following Bruce Willis, who has frontotemporal dementia. In a recent video she highlights the need for her husband to be able to get from point A to B safely without paparazzi in his face especially with his condition and that there needs to be […]