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Author: Pheodora Waqanibaravi

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Australian actor Hugh Jackman has revealed he is undergoing more skin cancer tests after a recent medical check-up. Sporting a bandage on his nose, the Wolverine actor took to social media to urge followers to get checked and follow sun safety advice. The 54-year-old star said he expects test results within the next few days. […]

  She really is going to push it real good! Pregnant actress Hilary Swank, is compiling a playlist of songs to help her with delivery and is asking for suggestions! Which song would you reccommend?     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Entertainment Tonight (@entertainmenttonight)

Alanis Morissette is keen to collaborate with Shania Twain She said this after  her live debut at the CMT Music Awards in Austin, Texas, on Sunday night.Shania, 57, was also at the bash to collect her Equal Play Award, and Alanis, 48, said she wanted to make a beeline for her peer and pounce the […]

Amsterdam is warning rowdy British sex and drug tourists to “stay away”. A digital discouragement campaign targeting men aged 18 to 35 in the UK is being pushed out by the Dutch city’s council. It is a part of efforts to clean up Amsterdam’s raunchy reputation as Europe’s most liberal party capital. The videos show […]

  Trust a Fijian to give a nickname to just about anybody with or without knowing them. But it sure stems from either a deep meaning or something said or done in a light joke. For instance, Highlander’s rugby player, Aaron Smith’s, (given the nickname by a fellow Fijian player) is Nuggy. Details on how […]

A cast of what was one of the biggest animals ever to walk the Earth is now on show at London’s Natural History Museum. Patagotitan was a dinosaur that lived 100 million years ago in South America. Measuring some 37m (121ft) from nose to tail, the animal could have weighed up to 60 or 70 […]

“My camera captured the aurora in all its glory. Mission accomplished!” The Southern Lights, or Aurora Australis, have been particularly vivid this season across New Zealand. Night skies erupting with green and pink light streams have entranced aurora hunters, with many staying up all night to get the perfect shot. “Faced with such a scene, […]

The glowing road markings use simple photoluminescent techniques used in children’s toys and the result is that road lines and marking can be seen much easier at night. The markings were tested on a 1km stretch of the Metong road outside Victoria, Australia and are part of 70 projects looking at making the area safer […]

Italy’s right-wing government has backed a bill that would ban laboratory-produced meat and other synthetic foods, highlighting Italian food heritage and health protection. The farmers’ lobby praised the move, but animal welfare groups have highlighted lab-made meat as a solution to issues such as protecting the environment and food safety. The proposed bill comes on […]

Truly making history and breaking records by becoming the oldest cover model for VOGUE’S latest April cover. The philippines born Apo Wang Od , has been a master of the art of hand-tapping  tattoos since her teens . Being taught by her father and carrying on the tradition of tattoo art . For more info […]