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Sisters Emma Rose McNairn and Sarah Davies set up their business 3 years ago. Their family business is at risk of collapse after the world’s biggest luxury watch firm Rolex demanded they rebrand everything. Devon sisters, Emma Ross-McNairn and Sarah Davies, set up Oyster&Pop from home three years ago, selling £20 colorful wall clocks to […]

Have you ever washed your hair and wondered if you’re doing it right? A hairdresser has come out to address the proper hair washing method and says people have been doing it wrong. According to the hairdresser you should not put shampoo on every inch of your locks. She says the correct way to wash […]

  The World’s richest man just promoted his daughter to head their company- Dior. Bernard Arnault has appointed his daughter, 47 year old Daphne Arnault. This in action of reshuffling as the current head of Dior Pietro Becarri, will now move to Louis Vuitton. All five of Bernard Arnault’s children hold management positions at brands […]

A pair of Levi’s jeans from the 1880s has sold at an auction in a small town in New Mexico for more than $87,000. The jeans -found in an abandoned mine by a “denim archaeologist” – were bought by 23-year-old Kyle Hautner and Zip Stevenson, a veteran of the vintage denim market. It was one […]

    A century long beauty pageant norm, has been broken. Miss England finalist, Melissa Raouf, a 20 year old, college student of South London, competed in the Semi Final without makeup. She went in “bare faced” .Saying in a recent interview, Raouf felt that she never met beauty standards and accepted that she is […]

  India Couture Week was held in New Delhi this weekend. The 15th edition offered a glimpse at the bridalwear trends shaping one of the world’s largest wedding markets. This year’s event was the first staged on a physical runway since the World Pandemic.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by CNN […]