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  With it’s fresh sound and beautiful message of a man asking a woman’s hand in marriage, Inside Out’s title track on their new EP album Io has had many talking and is one of the most, if not the most popular song for the festive season in Fiji this year. With the release of […]

This young lady’s level of talent is even more exceptional when you consider her age and the fact she most likely has had no voice training.    

At this stage, it’s a well-known joke that Mariah Carey is silent all year but sees a resurgence at Christmas time due to her Christmas music. While most artists would try to disassociate themselves from such a stereotype, Mariah, as always shows her class and cheeky sense of humour tweeting this a few days ago. […]

Simply put it is the day between Christmas and New Years. Around the time when we are not too sure of  what we are doing, our plans and even what we what to do in the new year. Really is just a very confusing time. Where does the word originate from? Twixmas is thought to […]

Christmas time usually involves decorations and a Christmas tree. But what if you have pets at home. Pets usually love things like decorations and think that it may be a toy and don’t  get me started on having a tree in the house with pets around. So here are some ideas that may help. Fence […]