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Tea believe it or not, is the most consumed beverage in the world. I always thought that it was either coffee or beer. In fact there are a few celebrities that have been known to love their tea very much. These are some of them and they all have their own reasons for loving a […]

We all have stories or experiences that we have had with taxis and taxi drivers. Today i had an experience that i am not sure if it would be called funny or weird. This taxi i got into the driver was having a personal conversation with someone and his phone was on loudspeaker. So there […]

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that took the world by storm. It is now also the reason that two US Police Officers are without a job. Why? They choose to go Pokemon hunting instead of responding to a situation that needed them. According to an in-car recording of their conversation, it revealed that they […]

Maya Angelou is now the first Black woman ever to appear on a US quarter. The late poet and activist’s image is now on the US quarter that went into circulation on Monday. The quarter features an image of Angelou with her arms uplifted, a bird in flight and a rising sun behind her, with […]

‘I gave birth on the toilet and had to pull out my own placenta – I’d do it again’   When it comes to pregnancy a lot of us have a fair idea as to how and where we would like to give birth. Some people want as much medical help and support available, while […]

Technology is always changing and evolving and at times it changes so much and so fast that we feel like we are left behind. It is pretty much something that helps in every aspect of life in this age and time and is an important communication tool. With the world coming to a halt with […]

Flip flops come in many different styles, sizes, varieties, brands and colours. But for the most part, many of us have at least one pair and some have more than one. But like anything, there is always wear and tear and there comes a time when we have to get a new pair. However, there […]

Woman gets stopped by strangers in street who think she’s ‘Princess Diana’s daughter’   Imagine walking down the street and being stopped by strangers asking you if you’re the daughter of the late Princess Diana. Sophie Eales, 24, decided to change her look in April 2021 when she chopped off most of her hair. Now, […]

Mj Rodriguez Makes History As First Trans Actress to Win a Golden Globe   MJ Rodriguez is now a history-making actress! On Sunday, the Pose star, whose full name is Michaela Jaé, became the first trans woman to win a Golden Globe. The 31-year-old snagged a win in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television […]

The Golden Globes movies and televisions big night went ahead despite a controversy surrounding the voting body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). According to reports last year, it was revealed there were no Black members in the organisation’s voting membership. Hollywood boycotted the event and NBC pulled the event so it was not televised […]