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Adele: admitted she’s not particularly fond of artists covering her music.

Written by on December 12, 2023

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Adele shared her thoughts on artists who cover her music.

In the interview she admitted that she is not fond of these covers because the singers don’t have the same relation to the song as she has.

Adele says “With my music, and for whoever listens to it, I think I’m not the best singer in the world at all, but no one else can sing my songs like me because they didn’t write them.” 

“No one can sing my songs like me, period,” she adds. “They can’t sing. The lyrics are not their own. And I don’t think anyone else should sing my songs… I don’t mind it when they do, but I’m just saying they’re never going to be able to emote it. Same way that I can’t sing other people’s songs. I didn’t write the lyrics, and I can’t sing as well as them.”

Well I guess it is her song and she has the rights to them.

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