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We can all agree that the Fijiana Drua team have set the Super W competition on fire. Three weeks into the competition with three wins they are stamping their mark in the competition and winning hearts doing it. After the 45-17 win against the Western Force they will have a bye next weekend and the […]

The Fijiana Drua team are turning heads at the Super W competition. Currently sitting at the top of the Super W points table after winning both their games so far. Playing with the unmistakable Fijian flair showing everyone just what these ladies are capable of. People are finally sitting up and taking notice. Fijiana 7s […]

Ladies, we all have that one bag that i like to call “our bottomless pit bag” the go-to bag daily that has everything. This bag usually also has lots of pockets and we usually always know what is in all those pockets. So a friend was using her “bag” a few days ago and was […]

The news of his passing shocked the rugby world and of course, others that knew him well.  Much-loved former All Black Joeli Vidiri tragically died in his new wife’s arms after suffering a trio of cardiac arrests while battling COVID-19 in America. When i heard the news i went back to the time i can […]

February 13th was adopted by the UN General Assembly as an International Day and the first World Radio Day was celebrated in 2012. According to UNESCO, radio continues to be one of the most trusted and used media in the world, according to different international reports. The theme for 2022 World Radio Day is  “Radio […]

This week there was a post that said that Apple was working on a smart wedding ring. This post said “Apple is making a ‘smart wedding ring’ that makes it possible to spy on a spouse” . According to the tweet it claimed that Apple is making a set of ‘smart wedding rings’ that will help […]

Lots of rain is being experienced around the country. According to the Nadi Weather Office, the rain is being brought by a trough of low pressure which remains slow moving over Fiji and another trough lies slow moving to the northwest of the country and is gradually drifting towards the group. Yesterday, i was one […]

Personally, I overhear a lot of conversations and for the most part, they can be very funny. Some people have shared some hilarious conversations on an Instagram page called “Overheard on wall street”. Wall Street is the busiest and the financial hub and most people just work, cut deals and make money. But i think […]

How long are you able to be without your phone? Believe it or not for this guy he has been without a phone since 2015. Yes, Ed Sheeran has been without a phone for 7 years. In a recent podcast this is what he shared “I got really, really overwhelmed and sad with a phone. […]

Being a parent is not easy. Parenting doesn’t actually come with a manual. However, sometimes certain experiences of others can help you manage the world of parenting. This lady posted this on Twitter and got quite a few responses about things that parents say to their kids to get them to do things. Some of […]