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Neymar fined 3.3 million for building a lake in his mansion

Written by on July 20, 2023

If Neymar Jr. has always been characterized by something, it has been his peculiar tastes and his passion for spectacular parties.

It is not surprising that the Brazilian soccer player from PSG wanted to turn his mansion, about 100 km south of Rio de Janeiro, into his own festive sanctuary with a special feature.

Neymar bought the mansion in 2016 for 9 million dollars. It has 10,000 square meters, a helipad, a tennis court, a gym, a spa, and a pool. But that, apparently, was not enough.

Thus, the carioca star thought that the best thing would be to build an artificial lake in the garden, taking advantage of the breadth of land that the property has. And so he did.

A well-known Brazilian landscaping company was in charge of building the lake on Neymar Jr’s property. It also reported about the whole process on its Instagram account.

And it was these publications that alerted the environmental authorities to what was happening inside the footballer’s mansion.

Local authorities found that the building of an artificial lake was an environmental crime. The work had to be halted pending a judicial resolution.

But, of course, Neymar couldn’t resist throwing a party in the unfinished lake that he had in his mansion.

The consequences were complicated for the Brazilian star. Not only his friends showed up at the party but also the Military and Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by a judicial secretary.

The intervention was shared live on Twitter, and in the video, people can see Neymar’s father argue with the authorities. This exchange would end up causing his arrest for disobedience to authority.

At the same time, the municipality of Mangaratiba – where the mansion is located – began a disciplinary process against Neymar. It accused him of “dozens of infractions” and various “environmental crimes,” as indicated in its statement.

“Carrying out an environmental control work without authorization, collecting and diverting river water without authorization or movement of land and suppression of vegetation without authorization” are some of the crimes of which they accuse him.

The case will be studied by the State Attorney General’s Office, the Mangaratiba Civil Police, and the State Environmental Protection Agency, so the matter is far from resolved.

As if that were not enough, Neymar has also been sanctioned with a fine of 16 million reais, which is about 3.3 million dollars.

The fine was lower at the beginning: 1 million dollars. But they decided to triple it.

And that’s how the original and dreamlike idea of a lake in his mansion became a serious problem with tremendous consequences for Neymar Jr.


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