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With the weather being what it was for the past few days from a tropical depression to Tropical Cyclone Cody there was widespread flooding and lots of rain throughout the country. The safety of everyone is always paramount at this time and those that are responsible for public safety work around the clock to ensure […]

A calendar called “Every Woman’s Fantasy” has resurfaced from the ’80s. This was after photos and the story of how this calendar was put together was shared on Twitter. Why? Because the Calendar featured handsome men doing various chores. So the story is that this group of women did everything for the calendar including finding […]

We come across a lot of lists for many different things from shopping lists to bucket lists. I got this list from a friend and i am not sure where the list originated from but i enjoyed it and would like to share it. Pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as i did. […]

Facebook memories, basically show things you posted on the same day from years ago. I gotta say sometimes it’s good and sometimes they are not so great and we wish for the memories to not see the light of day ever again. This is one of those that I loved because it shows how things […]

Tik Tok, i will be honest i am not a very big fan of it but it is popular. Just how popular? Well, Beyonce created an account. Of course with her creating an account the beehive was buzzing. Sonny music twitted and welcomed her “New queen of TikTok has arrived “. Beyonce in only two […]

Receipts are proofs of financial transcastions. Something that we all have. Even when we get on the bus we get a receipt after we swipe our bus cards. Today i decided to go through my wallet and take out receipts that i didn’t need. And i tell you there were so many.  I am one […]

Sneakers got their name because they made very little noise while walking and you could literally sneak up on someone and they would not know you were behind them. Now anyone that knows me knows i love sneakers and i have different colours, lengths and styles of sneakers. I have a huge collection and i […]

Adele fans went crazy with the announcement that they will be able to see her back on stage soon. She announced her 4months Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum Ceasars Palace. However, there are conditions for entry to her shows called ” Weekends with Adele” according to the website “Both proof of vaccination AND proof […]

Christmas trees are yet another tradition of Christmas that we adopt from other countries but it has become a part of the things we do around this time of the year. Let’s be honest we’re more of a put the lights on the mango tree or coconut tree or whatever tree was outside kind. For […]

Shopping for Christmas can be fun, hectic or a disappointing experience. This all depends on you and how you make things work for you. I was reminded of this when speaking to my friend. Turns out his brother bought a new stereo hi-fi system and one of the speakers was not working. Brings me to […]