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Author: Mere Moto

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Most of the traditions of Christmas that we follow in Fiji is not our own. It is traditions from other countries around the world. However, we do have things that we do in Fiji that i guess you could call “Only in Fiji” my friends and i came up with 3 major ones. This is […]

Getting the right Christmas present for family and friends is always a hard task. Lots of things to consider like ones budget and obviously would they like the present or have you just wasted time and money on a gift. While usually, people say it’s the thought that counts and not the gift, the perfect […]

Today my friends and I after training decided to get our lunch and find a place along the seawall near Laucala Bay and enjoy our lunch as it was a beautiful day today. Few minutes later a young girl about 10years old came along the footpath with a container that had something she was selling. […]

According to reports that on midnight on Nov. 29, as soon as tickets for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” went on sale it crashed movie ticket sites within minutes as people tried to get their hand on early bird tickets. Since the pandemic, the box office has not seen anything […]

  Creating a bond in a team is not an easy task. You have people with different personalities, experiences and views. Getting them to gel is not always easy. Fijiana XV’s team took to the water today for an early morning session with the Fiji Outrigger Crew, Takia and USP paddlers. It was a little […]

Adele was a surprised person when as part of a show ITV concert special, “An Audience with Adele,”  she was told that her former teacher was amongst the crowd. As part of the show, there was a pre-recorded segment where there was a question from Hollywood actress Emma Thompson, who asked whether there was anyone […]

Adele cares about her art and she wants fans to have the full experience. Hence, she wants fans to listen to the songs in her album 30 in the order it is in the album. Spotify agrees with her and since the launch of her album, they have removed the shuffle option. Though some fans […]

Adele‘s ex husband Simon Konecki has resigned himself to the singer talking about their divorce in her new album 30 according to new reports. He knew the risks going into his relationship Adele. ‘He has had to resign himself to the fact that she would talk. He knew the risks going in. This is the […]

Signs are usually put up to give information or for instructions. “No Testing” is a sign that one will encounter a lot at shops. Not sure about everyone but this to me is usually a sign that we see near perfumes, deodorants and creams etc. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this […]

Tina Turner fans base is huge and there are many Tina look-alikes that do shows around the world. One particular one in Germany is called “Simply the best” a tribute show that features Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher as Tina Turner is being sued for looking too much like Tina Turner. According to reports, Tina’s people think […]