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How many cakes does one have for their birthday? To have at least one cake is great but i had a friend that celebrated his birthday this week and it truly was a birthday week for him. He had a week of celebrations and lots and lots of cake. By the end of this week, […]

They say life begins at 40. A friend celebrated his 40th Birthday yesterday. And seems like it is his 1st birthday with all the cakes he has been getting. So since his birthday yesterday, he has had 3 cakes. The first cake was from his workmates along with lunch. His second cake was from his […]

They call her the undisputed queen of Christmas. Her 1994 holiday hit “All i want for Christmas is you” keeps charting every year during the festive season. It made history again as the first No.1 song of 2022, passing one billion streams on Spotify. Mariah Carey is now bringing all that Christmas magic to young […]

Following the volcanic eruption in Tonga over the weekend the Department of Environment is monitoring the air quality. There is confirmation that the Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) concentration in the atmosphere has increased. The increase could result in acidic rain. The public is advised to cover all household water tanks and stay indoors in the event […]

  Meet Dug ” the spud”. Dug the potato was dug from a farm near Hamilton and it is believed to be in contention for a Guinness World Record for the Worlds Biggest Potato. Farmers Colin and Donna Craig-Brown have completed the online application form, supplied pictures and a video of the potato. The Guinness […]

Fun is serious business and it does not have an age limit. A social media influencer and youtuber and his grandmother have a very unusual hobby? What is their hobby? They spend their time making videos and taking silly photos together and have fun doing it. They wear costumes and go the extra mile for […]

What is the time? That is the question that was asked quite a lot today. A lot of us woke up with different times on devices and watches i was one of those people. Scrambling around for the correct time because i had to do some things today and i needed to be on time. […]

Ivamere Nabura and Verenaisi Bari are the two new players that have forced their way into the travelling squad to Spain for the Malaga 7s. Looking forward to seeing these ladies take on the field in Spain at the Malaga 7s. Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s team : Rusila Nagasau,Vasiti Solikoviti,Sesenieli Donu,Raijeli Daveua,Verenaisi Bari,Reapi Ulunasau,Mereula Toroti,Lavena […]

When we think of celebrities we think big mansions and places like Hollywood and Beverly Hills. However, some celebrities live far away from these hot spot places and there are a few that love living on farms. Here are some of them: Russell Crowe He owns a 500-acre ranch in Nana Glen, Australia, and raises […]

Tea believe it or not, is the most consumed beverage in the world. I always thought that it was either coffee or beer. In fact there are a few celebrities that have been known to love their tea very much. These are some of them and they all have their own reasons for loving a […]