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This is a very scary sight especially for the people just minding their business waiting for a bus.  

This is from one of the world’s deepest pools in Italy. We’re amazed and to be honest, getting a little anxious just watching this.

Would you live with 100 cockroaches in your home? How about if someone offered to pay you money for it? There’s a North Carolina pest control company that’s offering home owners $2000 to live with 100 cockroaches for an experiment. The stay is for 30days, the entire experiment is going to be filmed in order […]

It’s kinda freaky how they show up out of nowhere. Also, watching chickens actually fly feels strange!

For some reason this is so satisfying to watch. It seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie!

It was just another day of exploring the internet when I stumbled up this video on YouTube and just like that I went down the rabbit hole and I’m still in it. So quick story about the girl who’s been cycling around the world since 2011. Jin is from South Korea, here she is pictured […]

I thoroughly enjoy peeling potatoes, something about going through the motions of it all makes it so therapeutic. But of course this is only true when I’m not rushing through my meal prep. However, for anyone who spends a bit of time in the kitchen during functions, will understand when I say that peeling potatoes […]

I’m not crying, someone is just cutting onions in here! Check out this video of the very special wedding from a bride to her new husband on their wedding day.

Watch till the end and you’ll see why her saying “If it hits 50 I’m literally blowing up this car” is pretty ironic!

It truly sounds like something out of a fairytale for 11 year old Maddie. I guess it’s true what they say “America is the place where dreams come true.” This was the narrative for this 11 year old girl who had no idea that being part of a crowd interaction activity would get the attention […]