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When you could go from A to B but decide to go from A to G to L to X to B

Emmanuel is an emu who chooses violence. And it’s hilarious!

Turns out, the most feared animal on the African plains aren’t lions but hippos! Meanwhile, we think they’re all cute and cuddly!

Yes, you read that correctly. The startling video of a waterfall being a “waterup” in India was posted online and was caused by heavy monsoon weather.

This looks scary and is another reminder of how powerful nature is.

This video is 10 years old now and honestly, it is still epic! Imagine setting off 7000 fireworks off by mistake!

When alcohol convinces you that you’re fireproof.

This video reminded me of so much of my “wedewede”(to have a crush on someone) days. I loved every minute of it, the band, the vocals, vibe -completely unplugged and raw. This made my Sunday morning I tell you. By the way, if ever you wake up at 2am with the hopes to go back […]

Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie has just created a David Bowie Barbie doll to honour his contributions to music, art, fashion, and film. The David Bowie Barbie Doll “celebrates the 50th anniversary of his classic Hunky Dory, the iconic “Life on Mars?” video, and an outfit forever associated with this ultimate pop chameleon.  

I nearly fell of my chair this afternoon, when I saw this video. So TikTok video shows how to remove fat from food with ice, however my sister from another mister had other plans in mind!!! Watch the video for the full story, you will not be disappointed.   View this post on Instagram A […]