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When they’re barely able to form sentences but get into a heated debate with us, it’s always the cutest things ever. Saw this video as was completely smitten. Here I’ll let you be the judge of that. @funnymanpage_update 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️😍🔊 ♬ original sound – Funnymanpage_update   Here’s another one just for good measure!!! @funnymanpage_update ♬ original […]

If you have been scouring the web looking for these photos, let me tell you, I’ve been doing the same. I know that having found these pictures won’t change the price of fish in the market. But there’s something about wedding photo’s that get’s me all excited. As far as celebrities weddings go, this was […]

Well, not really. While we did have a little chuckle at this video, it does show just how messed up America is.

Check out this video of Robert Irwin, son of the later Aussie naturalist Steve Irwin. We have been following his career for a few years and he strikes us an honestly good bloke!

WATCH this and tell us we’re wrong. It does seem like SOME Americans have a very unique, to put it as tactfully as possible, way of seeing the world.

Whenever I hear the word Disneyland, my mind automatically thinks mermaids, unicorns and fairy dust. It’s just magical and every child’s dream to go there. I guess it’s safe to say that it’s where the magic happens!!! Unfortunately, for one couple, the magic was ruined as an employee at Disneyland Paris ruined the magic in […]

Honestly one of the cutest videos we’ve seen but we can’t also help thinking, this is us at work the day after one long grog session

When celebrities give thank you speeches after accepting awards, one can almost be certain that there is going to be a long list of names. Jennifer Lopez, however did hers differently, and I absolutely loved it cause to me it felt somewhat honest and vulnerable. She was awarded the MTV Generation Award at the 2022 […]

Check out this hilarious video of wedding-goers having their first drink vs having their last drink. We reckon this would be a brilliant idea for a Fijian function or even just a regular grog session.

It is good to know that even at her age, Queen Elizabeth II, still has a sense of humor. Here is a skit that she did with Paddington Bear: And here is the rest of it. This on par if not better than the Olympic James Bond scene.The Queen having tea with Paddington – incredible […]