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Just when you think that the internet has shown you every possible way to twerk they drop this TikTok video. Never have I been so fascinated and confused about everything. Check it out:

When it comes to household names in Fijian rugby, few ring through the decades the way the name of Pio Bosco Tikoisuva does. A new book compiled and edited by Waicula Publication attempts to tell his story from his humble beginnings to his days as a national rep to his time as one of Fiji’s […]

Spider-Man lead, Tom Holland, was reduced to tears at a private screening with fans for the latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. In a packed theatre in Los Angeles, Holland was on hand to show loyal fans the trailer. The fans all gave him and the team a standing ovation. Holland was caught wiping […]

Firstly, I had no idea that Walt Disney did Christmas adverts every year and I don’t know why I’m surprised by it, it’s Christmas!!! With it drawing near, we’re basically already in the festive season. Everything Christmas themed is already up in our faces from movies to Christmas albums to decorations. So this Disney Christmas […]

Watching this FOX News presenter trying to explain to his colleague about a Netflix show “You” doing a measles episode and everything was flying way over her head. Even when he tried to explain it slowly it didn’t register. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than normal for some people to understand things. I have […]

And it’s because of videos like this. We’re assuming he lost a bet of some sort and we hope the young man in this video is ok.

The World Rugby Awards are happening very shortly and we need your help. We have four players in the running, two in the men’s and two in the women’s. World Rugby Women’s Sevens Player of The Year are: Anne-Cecile Ciofani (FRA) Sarah Hirini (NZL) Alowesi Nakoci (FIJ) Reapi Ulunisau (FIJ) World Rugby Men’s Sevens Player […]

We may have, eventually gone down to Wales in our game over the weekend but one of our tries against the Welsh was indeed a thing of beauty!

Iceland Tourism has just fired a shot at Meta head Mark Zuckerberg, with their newest video. Obviously a parody on the launch of Meta last month, it is a tongue in cheek parody of Zuckerberg’s awkwardness, and apparent lack of social skills. The video starts of with Zack Mossbergsson who is the Chief Visionary Officer, […]

Whatever you think of the Covid 19 vaccine we think we can all agree this is a superbly animated film. Check it out.