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Fiji Airways Passengers Take To Social Media To Praise Cabin Crew Member

Written by on September 26, 2023

Two Fiji Airways passengers took to social media to praise Fiji Airways cabin crew member K Irina for her exceptional service in making sure passengers with hearing impairments have a safe and comfortable journey when in her care!
Carly and Sarah posted this photo with the All-Star crew member along with this letter praising her for attention and service: We have travelled all over the world together. Being Deaf individuals we get a variety of responses from different airline employees when it comes to service and accommodations, whether we have to write things down, or just nod politely pretending like we understand what is being announced or said, or employees not taking the time to make sure we fully understand what’s going on.
The airline we flew, Fiji Airways, didn’t have closed captioning for their movies! We have never had full access from a flight crew…until this one. Flying from Sydney Australia to Fiji on and we met the most amazing flight attendant K Irina Qionilase from Fiji! She is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) with her parents being Deaf. When she heard that there were two Deaf passengers she came right up to us and Signed!
It was the first time Carly and I felt like we could really enjoy the flight. She also showed her employees some basic signs to be able to communicate with us!
She signed in Fijian Sign Language and we signed in American Sign Language (fun fact: sign language is not a universal language!) but we were able to communicate through a communication mode of universal sign language (which is not an official language but it’s how people from different countries can communicate with one another!)
It was a breath of fresh air! Thank you Irina for taking the time to talk to us and make us feel like human beings you were so wonderful and kind! You are such a light and I hope you come to visit!

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