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Well not physically. As sensitive as times are with the current Russia- Ukraine War, a sculpture of Vladimir Putin appeared in a play ground in New Yor’s Central park. This was done by artist, Colomina. Colomina is known for placing signature red art at random places all over the world.       View this […]

If there’s something you have to check out today its the comment section for Ed Sheeran Lego House. The winning comment for me is one.

Coffee, Tea, or Jason Momoa? If presented with theses options, it’s a no brainer… all three Duh!! That was a very real situation passengers flying back to Hawaii found themselves in.  When Jason Momoa, Khal of the great grass sea in our hearts and everyone’s favorite wet Daddy, took up a “part time” Cabin crew […]

  Remember the iconic moment when Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston wore the same dress? They made light of their alleged feud by wearing the same dress to present in 1998 MTV Awards. Here’s the video:      

  Interesting take on Harley Quinn’s character, choosing Lady Gaga, what do you think?        

Anyone wanting to summit Europe`s tallest peak, Mont Blanc, may soon have to put up a €15,000 (about $15,300) deposit to cover possible rescue and funeral costs under plans announced by a local mayor fed up with the “contempt” of risk-taking climbers. Jean-Marc Peillex, mayor of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, a town on the French side, says too […]

Do you feel old yet cause I definitely do! Can’t believe it’s 21yrs since this dynamic duo premiered on the big screen. If Rush Hour was your thing thing then check out the link below for some of the it’s best scenes from the movie!   View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

If Finding Nemo is one of your favorite childhood movies then this UberFact is not you! Talk about ruining your childhood, check out the link below and you’ll see what I’m talking about!?   View this post on Instagram A post shared by UberFacts (@uberfacts)

  The trailer for this alone had me jumping out my chair! Find out how:   The Beast is coming out on August 19