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    A wild male lion believed to be one of the world’s oldest has died after being speared by herders.Loonkiito, who was 19, died in Olkelunyiet village after preying on livestock.Conservation group Lion Guardians said he was “the oldest male lion in our ecosystem and possibly in Africa”. Most lions live to around 13 […]

  A baby has been born using three people’s DNA for the first time in the UK, the fertility regulator has confirmed.Most of their DNA comes from their two parents and around 0.1% from a third, donor woman.The pioneering technique is an attempt to prevent children being born with devastating mitochondrial diseases.Fewer than five such […]

Tom Hanks says he has written his first novel as a “release from the never-ending pressure” of making movies.The two-time Oscar winner is publishing The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, inspired by his own screen career.The long grind of shooting a film, he tells the BBC, means you can “just run out of […]

A YouTuber who intentionally crashed an aeroplane for views will plead guilty to obstructing a federal investigation by cleaning up the site of the crash, US prosecutors say.Trevor Jacob, 29, posted the video of the plane crash to YouTube in December 2021, implying it was an accident. It has over 2.9 million views to date.In […]

  Eminem in his heyday inspired many kids who listened to his music, and it’s now been revealed that his star power even helped cure a disorder Ed Sheeran once had.The “Shape of You” singer revealed that his uncle had given him a copy of The Marshall Mathers LP when he was a child. Sheeran, […]

Residents of a tiny Swiss village have all been evacuated because of the risk of an imminent rockslide.Brienz’s fewer than 100 villagers were given just 48 hours to pack what they could and abandon their homes.Even the dairy cows were loaded up for departure after geologists warned a rockfall was imminent.Two million cubic metres of […]

  Jamie Lee Curtis is not saying no to a Freaky Friday sequel. ET’s Will Marfuggi spoke with the Halloween Ends star about the possibility of reprising her role in the Disney classic, and where her character would be now, if a second film were to come to fruition.”Only recently!” Curtis said when noted that […]