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Check out the new release from BMW! Click the link below.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by COMPLEX (@complex)

According to Director, James Cameron, this isn’t the end of Avatar. Avatar 3 in fact filmed simultaneously with Avatar: The way of Water. And seeing The Way of Water had to make $2 billion dollars in order to break even and has done so easily. Hence, without worrying about the totals now, James Cameron is […]

Body Modification has now become as normal as  breathing. People are getting body parts removed or adding attachments to their bodies. A body modification addict dubbed as the “Human Satan “has said he hopes to win the Guinness world record for “person with the most head modifications Tattoo artist Michel Praddo is notorious for his […]

At times dirt and grime can be a menace to your kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks, Leaving stains that are hard to scrub off . But apparently with this new hack using tomato sauce its as easy as 123. The viral hack is simple. Squirt the acidic condiment over the affected area, let it sit […]

Even though the Qatar FIFA World cup is over, these murals around Doha, leaves a mark of nostalgia on what was possibly one of the most thrilling moments for the City. Artist, Dimitrije Bugarski, has been creating football themed murals across the city painting Qatar’s national team and other star players highlighting monumental moments of […]

  The beauty of different cultures  around the World. In Fiji, we splash water at each other in celebration and across the globe in Japan, they celebrate New Year a little different, with their annual Shinto ritual. They bravely submerge themselves in an ice bath and pray to welcome the New Year. Pretty cool!   […]

When it comes to Fortune telling most of us are aware of the palm  reader and tarot readers but have you ever heard of an Aspramancer? Jemima Packington, who is the world’s only ‘Aspramancer’ and makes predictions based on how her asparagus tips land after throwing them in the air, has revealed what’s to come […]

Its never too early to start teaching your children the value of money. Mother of 4 Ashleigh Jade Le has gone a step further and charges her children whose ages range from 9,10,11&12 for their meals and internet Netflix subscription and even the water bill. The mum insists that if her children don’t make their […]

What a time to be in New Zealand, to witness some of our favorite rappers perform! These artists were warmly welcomed at the Auckland airport with a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony. The new five-date festival, which promises to bring the “best of the ’90s and early 2000s to Aotearoa New Zealand”, is scheduled to take […]

Seeing as it was only just released late December last year, the sequel to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out has drawn 82.1 million  hours viewed during Christmas alone and an overall 209.4 million hours in total. The other two films with similar or more were ereleased in 2021- ” Don’t Look Up” a political satire and […]