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Victoria Rose a globetrotter has a very unique way of remembering every country she’s visited. How so you might be wondering. Well she gets a tattoo done at every country. But hold on I’m not done there’s a twist. She gets a random stranger to pick a tattoo for her. Now for me that would […]

  Local company Fiji Chemicals marked an interesting milestone in its history when it acquired its first fully electric vehicle.  As noted on their page: 1 month ago we acquired our first Electric Vehicle (EV) from Leaf Capital. It is a Nissan Leaf and it does about 200km per full charge. Leaf Capital installed a […]

Just when you thought you were gonna have a fun day at the beach and this happens to you! Sewage had caused this beach to close down, check out the article below for the full video.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews)

It has always been long suspected that museums across the globe have stolen artifacts from different countries and this article is exactly it! Have a look at the full article below on how this museum in Glascow is returning those items to the Government of India.   View this post on Instagram A post shared […]

The former Spice Girl has always been known for her size 0 clothing wear. Well not anymore in an interview the former Spice Girl says that being skinny is now out of fashion She said: “I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some boobs and a bum. It’s […]

Victoria was talking about the first episode of the new HBO show House of the Dragon and we came across this video of pretty much everyone in this apartment building all watching it at the same time. Pretty cool to look at.  

I had No Idea How Talented Jewel was! Of course new she was good from her hits like “You were meant for me”, “Foolish Games”, & “Standing Still” to name a few. But my mind was blown by how talented Jewel is, and I saw this unfold as I followed the 6th season of The […]


It drops as early as Next week Monday (22/08/22)    

“Black Crows, Hard To Handle”, is one of those songs that always manages to get me moving. But how ever much this song moved me, it pales in comparison to to the moves this 13 year old threw down, on Americas Got Talent back in 2018. What I though was going to be this shy timid […]