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  The World’s richest man just promoted his daughter to head their company- Dior. Bernard Arnault has appointed his daughter, 47 year old Daphne Arnault. This in action of reshuffling as the current head of Dior Pietro Becarri, will now move to Louis Vuitton. All five of Bernard Arnault’s children hold management positions at brands […]

Shakira’s hips don’t lie and she’s not holding back- letting her music do all the talking. She’s dropping her new single, talking about her ex husband, former soccer pro, Gerard Pique. She collaborates with Argentine DJ Bizarrap, throwing shade at her ex husband and new girlfriend. Ouch!     View this post on Instagram A […]

Angela Bassett won the Golden Globe for her performance in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. The 64-year-old is the first actor to win a major acting award for a movie based on Marvel Comics. In her winning speech she mentions ” It’s not easy because the past is circuitous and it has many unexpected detours, but, by […]

  Paving the way for food security- everything starts from home and this is evident in this community. Township residents in cape Town, South Africa, made use of a disused public space and turned it into a food forest for the company.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Africa Direct – […]

To set the mood for Valentine’s Day, Paramount Pictures have set February 10th to release an all time favorite into cinemas to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The Titanic, will be re released in 4K HDR and 3D resolution with a high frame rate. The Titanic is said to be the third  highest  grossing film of […]

If you’re into horror films like I am, then you have to check this out! Now seeing as it’s a new year thought it would be best to share this link so you can have a fair idea on what to expect in 2023!  

The band, led by Dave Grohl, will headline three US festivals this summer – Boston Calling and Sonic Temple in May, followed by Bonnaroo in June. The announcement comes shortly after the group said they would continue to play together following Hawkins’ death. The star was found unresponsive in his hotel room last March, shortly […]

Sometimes I really think that we should count ourselves lucky because growing up in Hawaii must have been, not only beautiful but also terrifying because of the amount of Volcanoes on the island! Now one of the world’s most active Volcanoes has erupted again in Hawaii, check out the link below.   View this post […]

People with obsession’s are known to make a collection of the item that they are obsessed with. This one woman in the UK has become famous for her obsession with Perfumes. She has a huge collection of all sorts of perfumes. She admits to even wearing perfume to bed. Josephine, aka Jus De Rose, who […]

Now let’s be quite honest, most of these treasures should have been returned to their rightful owners a long time ago! It’s nice to see that the US is leading by example by returning an ancient Egyptian Green Coffin back to Cairo. Click the link below for the full story!   View this post on […]