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When going to a salon you expect to get a full treatment done without any hiccups right? In a dramatic turn of events, a hairdresser has taken the phrase quite literally after a customer claimed she was left alone in the salon after all the employees locked the doors and decided to go home Her […]

Just when you thought Whatsapp was going out of style, they’re back with an updated version of the messaging app. If you have always wanted to leave the group chat without being notice then this is the app for you! Check out the article below.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

We all know people usually warn us to not eat too much spicy foods cause it could give you “gastric” and that it isn’t good for you. Now researchers have done a study to see if this is actually a thing but it’s actually far from it. Check out the link below.   View this […]

Now its one thing to have a destination wedding and its an entirely different thing altogether to have your wedding at an extreme venue. This is something that is becoming a common practice right now globally. To name a few of these extreme venues we have the 1)Space Weddings- where you can exchange your vows […]

One of the most Iconic and loved Singer-songwriter and actress Olivia Newton John passed away this morning surrounded by family and friends. The four time Grammy winner and star of the movie musical Grease died of breast cancer at the age of 73. She first announced her diagnosis with breast cancer in May 2017. Leaving […]

There is hope. Georgia`s endangered sea turtles are being fruitful and multiplying in record numbers. This week, Georgia hit its record for sea turtle nests, with 3,966 nests. Its been increasing by around 4% each year since the 90s and all five species of sea turtles found in the waters along the state are protected […]

  For the love of art! At least 72 objects that were taken from the Kingdom of Benin, the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria, during a British military operation in February 1897 were stolen and taken to the United Kingdom as “spoils of war. The decision comes as a victory for Nigeria and […]

Isle of Pladda, off the coast of Arran, has been empty for several years. The 28 acre island was sold by the Arran Estate 30 years ago to fashion designers Derek and Sally Morten. It comes at a price that could buy a three-bedroom flat in Glasgow or Edinburgh.     View this post on […]

  The number of people who can visit Machu Picchu has been increased to 5,044 per day. That’s up from 4,044 visitors per day previously. Peru’s Ministry of Culture has urged tourists to plan their visit to the Inca city well in advance. This is after tickets to the most iconic and in- demand site […]

  India Couture Week was held in New Delhi this weekend. The 15th edition offered a glimpse at the bridalwear trends shaping one of the world’s largest wedding markets. This year’s event was the first staged on a physical runway since the World Pandemic.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by CNN […]