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  History made! Gloria Estefan is the first HIspanic woman in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. She’s known for a bevy of chart-climbing hits, such as ‘Conga,’ ‘Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,’ ‘Turn the Beat Around,’ and ‘1-2-3’ The 2023 class of songwriters ‘represents not just iconic songs but also diversity and unity across genres, […]

Angela McPherson found herself on a therapist couch while trying to get a sense of direction in her romance life. The divorcee had never met ­therapist Derek McGillivray before, but felt drawn to his warmth and was comfortable in his presence, as if she’d known him for a long time. The therapist/hypnotist put her into […]

Imagine you’re invited to a wedding and you’re asked to bring your own food would you still go? That’s exactly what this couple overseas did. One couple saved around £8,000 ($10,000) on their wedding by asking friends to bring their own food and shopping second-hand in charity shops instead of buying new. Bride Shelby Phelps, […]

He was 5years old when the movie was filmed. Its now been 25 years since Titanic hit the big screens but his still getting paid. Reece Thompson, who is best known for his role in the Titanic as the ‘Irish little boy’ has shared that he’s still making money from the role – despite it […]

Sony’s new NW-A306 is rolling out in Europe, Japan and the UK this month. The new Walkman model has a suggested retail cost of $429.95. Quite pricey if you ask! It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to download and stream music from apps like YouTube and Spotify.   View this post on Instagram A […]

  The material girl is heading to tour!  Madonna will hit 35 cities around the globe, kicking off in Vancouver on July 15 celebrating four decades of hits, fashion, art, and drama with fans in New York City. Exciting times!   View this post on Instagram A post shared by UNILAD (@unilad)

January 16th- in honor of Martin Luther King Jr by continuing his unfinished work on racial discrimination, redeeming the soul of America. His activism and moral authority helped usher in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  He gave a voice to the restless spirit of millions yearning for […]

There is no room for hate. Even though fans are allowed to cheer with their Home Country flags at the Australian Opens, there has been a ban on these two flags as fans had caused “disruptions” with it after fans asked Russian players to sign them and left it at courtside disrupting the notion of […]

Most people like to take photos with famous people. For me being the rugby mad person that I am I love taking photos with famous rugby players. I even have this album that is titled #My5secsOfFame this is where I have all those celebrity photos including the rugby photos. These photos include Cecil Africa and […]

  The World’s richest man just promoted his daughter to head their company- Dior. Bernard Arnault has appointed his daughter, 47 year old Daphne Arnault. This in action of reshuffling as the current head of Dior Pietro Becarri, will now move to Louis Vuitton. All five of Bernard Arnault’s children hold management positions at brands […]