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Bill Gates has invested $12 million in Australian start-up Rumin8, which purportedly aims to reduce methane emissions from the burps of cows and other animals. The company claims to be developing a dietary supplement the animals can take, which will then help stop the creation of the gas. More details below:     View this […]

Girls Trip 2 is headed to West Africa for its sequel! Writer-director-producer Tracy Oliver announced the news while at Sundance over the weekend. The original film Girls Trip which starred Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smithand Tiffany Haddish will reunite the full cast in Ghana for the second iteration for the movie, according to Oliver. The ladies […]

This really has to be one of the most amazing things I have come across! Check out the video below on how different restaurants are saving their oyster shells after consumption to pile them along river banks to help stop flooding in the New Orleans, Louisiana. Find the link below!       View this […]

Let me just start off by saying that if this was my cat and he went missing for 74 days, best believe I will go down to the pet store and get a new cat! I’m sitting here trying to figure out what this particular cat was doing for 74 days out in the wilderness?! […]

Anthony Loffredo, who is also known as the Black Alien Project, has dramatically altered his body to fit an alien aesthetic – including removing his ears, nostrils and some fingers. The Frenchman often gets stared at in public but has previously said how his look stops him getting jobs. Loffredo has stated that now some […]

A polar bear killed one adult and one child in Wales last week. It was the first attack of its kind in the UK in 30 years. Experts fear encounters with bears could become more common as Arctic continues to warm. Many remote communities rely on ‘polar bear patrols’ to keep an eye on them. […]

Usain Bolt has lost almost $17 million AUD from an account he’d been relying on to fund his retirement. The 36-year-old had saved the money in an account at Kingston-based investment firm Stocks and Securities Ltd that held Bolt’s account of his life savings. His lawyer mentioned “how disappointing this is and hopes the matter […]

Beyoncé has given her first full concert in more than four years, at a luxury resort in Dubai, for an audience of invited influencers and journalists. The invitation mentioned a “once-in-a-lifetime performance” but did not specify by which artist.     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Entertainment Tonight (@entertainmenttonight)

Former NFL player Derek Wolfe took on a mountain lion with a bow and arrow. The 32-year-old carried the 195lb animal down the mountain after haggling with it. The Denver Broncos star said he was ‘exhausted, dehydrated, and cramping’ from the hike. This isn’t the first time Wolfe has taken on a wild animal. Last […]

A potentially world record-breaking monster toad has been found that’s six times the average size – and dubbed ‘Toadzilla’. The cane toad is so big wildlife rangers suspected it was fake after coming across it in a north Australian rainforest. The 2.7kg amphibian was removed from the wild. The current Guinness World Record for the […]