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According to Director, James Cameron, this isn’t the end of Avatar. Avatar 3 in fact filmed simultaneously with Avatar: The way of Water. And seeing The Way of Water had to make $2 billion dollars in order to break even and has done so easily. Hence, without worrying about the totals now, James Cameron is […]

What a time to be in New Zealand, to witness some of our favorite rappers perform! These artists were warmly welcomed at the Auckland airport with a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony. The new five-date festival, which promises to bring the “best of the ’90s and early 2000s to Aotearoa New Zealand”, is scheduled to take […]

Seeing as it was only just released late December last year, the sequel to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out has drawn 82.1 millionĀ  hours viewed during Christmas alone and an overall 209.4 million hours in total. The other two films with similar or more were ereleased in 2021- ” Don’t Look Up” a political satire and […]

It truly is a small world out here, Fight Club actor, Edward Norton has just discovered, that Pocahontas, the daughter of the Native- American high chief that has been romanticized and told myths of is in fact his 12 great- grandmother! However, he also discovered that his family line were slave owners and this was […]

  I thought I’d never see the day where TLC’s hit ‘Waterfall” would have a country version to it. But thanks to actress Amber Riley at the BBC’s Music genre challenge, she was given seconds to do just that. And we love it!  

  Like Mother like daugher, Mel B’s elest child, recreates some of her mother’s most iconic looks. Taking to tiktok, the 23 year old, channels Scary Spice’s looks from her music videos in 1996 to her album covers. So cool!

A fatal accident occurred when actor Jeremy Renner was ploughing snow out of the road in front of his home. The ploughing machine, called the accidentally ran over one of Jeremy’s legs, resulting in a heavy loss of blood. He had to be air lifted to the nearest hospital where he underwent surgery and was […]

Legendary! Dolly Parton and her god- daughter Miley Cyrus, covered the all too famous “Joelene” while also covering a Patsy cline number for NBC’s New Year’s Eve Party.    

  The emotions, the enthusiasm! Its so true, when you feel a song, you feel it in your depths! Watch this kid do just that :   View this post on Instagram A post shared by El BAGRE (@el._.bagre)

Now with 2022 coming to an end, US Actress Amber Heard has finally decided to settle her defamation case against Johnny Depp. According to Ms. Heard, it was a “difficult” decision as she says on her Instagram “having lost faith in the American Legal System”. Check out the full article below!   View this post […]