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The owner of SKIMS says that people ‘didn’t know’ who Marilyn Monroe was before she wore her iconic dress. At the 2022 Met Gala, Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s notorious ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ outfit. In a recent interview to promote her new line of skincare. When asked Kardashian replied: “That was the most shocking […]

Sphere, the world’s largest spherical structure, has opened its doors to the public. Standing tall at 366 feet and measuring 516 feet wide, the partially hollow arena is big enough to comfortably fit the entire Statue of Liberty from base to torch. The venue’s inaugural offering is a series of 25 concerts centered around U2’s […]

Awards season is slowly approaching and Disney  has made a significant decision regarding the 2023 remake of The Little Mermaid – it’s been withdrawn from contention in one category.               They’ve decided to remove its “For Your Consideration” campaign for Best Original Song, and the official website no longer lists […]

The Queen of Christmas is gearing up for her  Merry Christmas One and All tour. M Mariah Carey has confirmed the dates of her tour kickstarting in Highland, California on Nov. 15 and makes its way to the Hollywood Bowl on Nov. 17. The tour wraps up in New York on Dec. 17.     […]

However, David disagreed with her statement and relentlessly questioned her to get to the truth. The hilarious moment has been circulating around social media and has caught the attention of many viewers. To see the full exchange between the couple, be sure to check out the episode on Netflix. David Beckham recently called out his […]

The upcoming biographical feature film about Priscilla Presley is based on the memoir “Elvis and Me” written by Priscilla Presley, the former wife of Elvis Presley. The book covers their relationship from their first meeting when she was 14 years old to their marriage and eventual divorce. It also delves into Elvis’s personal life, including […]

‘I Am So Disappointed’ , Pink P!nk‘s Summer Carnival Tour hasn’t quite gone as planned in Texas. She had to kick out a concertgoer for making her show his platform to protest circumcision earlier this week in San Antonio, and then she had to call off her concert in the Dallas area on doctor’s orders. “Hi […]

“Dementia is a family disease”  these are the words shared by Bruce Willis wife, Emma Hemming Willis in an interview on Today. In February, Bruce’s family shared his diagnosis and after multiple tests, it has been confirmed that he actor has frontotemporal dementia. This a form of dementia that can cause difficulties in communication.       […]

Known for his role in NCIS as pathologist, Ducky as well as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – in which he played a Russian agent. David McCallum died in New York on Monday. His death was due to natural causes. CBS said he was a gifted actor and author and beloved around the world. “He led […]

Tik Tok’s viral Arab chefs – Abir El Saghir has gained millions of followers on social media for her short videos of recipes from around the world that she prepares with matching outfits and accessories.                 From a small town in Lebanon’s west Bekka, chef Abir El Saghir […]