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    From The Titanic to The Terminator 2 to The Avatar: The way of Water, Director James Cameron breaks down the details on creating and behind the scene details of each film. In the movie, The Titanic alone, they were thinking of building the titanic ship themselves for the movie but if it sank? […]

In the art of free diving, Kate Winslet beat Tom Cruise’s record of holding their breath under water. Tom Cruise held his breath under water for 6minutes in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Kate held hers for 7minutes for the movie Avatar: The Way of Water. she says “you’re one with water and space”    

With the door to the Witcher and Superman closed on Henry Cavill, could another one be opening for House of the Dragon? There’s no evidence to say there is but, one can dream. Doesn’t he look like he was born to ride on the back of a Dragon? At least that’s exactly what Twitter user […]

When News broke that Everyone’s favorite Man crush, Henry Cavill, won’t return for The Witcher Season 4, a resounding gasp of disbelief could be felt around the world.  This News was a biter pill to swallow, but there was some relief when the Witcher of our Hearts took to Instagram to give us this.   […]

“Jenny from the block” came out of her “This is me…then” album 20 years ago. Jenifer Lopez sits with Apple Music and opens up about how the album made her feel, spilling that it was all about the love of her life then and now- Ben Affleck.  

  Bringing life to the hits she’s had a roller coaster ride with, we can appreciate the depths of each song even more. Watch for more:  

Jennifer Hudson spills the stories on images she keeps on her mobile phone. From Celine Dion to Prince to Mariah Carey. All sweet memories, describing Mariah Carey, Ms.MC as one of her best buddies after meeting her as a guest judge on the Voice.    

Five Divas’ on one stage to celebrate another makes for a beautiful live performance and a magical night! Pattie Labelle, Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams,  Fantasia and Queen Latifah honor Karyn White singing her  “Superwoman” at the Grio Awards! Beautiful!  

  Trevor Noah bids an emotional farewell  after hosting seven seasons on the political talk back show. He was very thankful to his fans and gives credit to all the black women in his life  who have shaped, nourished and molded him. Onto greener pastures for Trevor. A job well done! View this post on […]

Dyson has come out with new features to its headphones competing with the likes of Bose, Sony and Apple. It features noise cancellation technology just like the other brands but an eye popping feature is its attachable mouthpiece drawing reference from DC comic series     View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]