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Written by on March 4, 2024

Wendy Williams new Docu Series “Where is Wendy Williams?” has raised questions regarding it’s motives.

The four-part series is ““an unfiltered look at Wendy’s life following the end of her iconic talkshow”.

In the series, Wendy is seen stumbling around sick, confused, incoherent and unable to recognize immediate family members or properly answer questions.






She does not look anything like the perfectly coiffed woman with her signature blonde wig taping her her polarizing and long-running series.

Producers promised a behind the scenes look at Wendy’s “delicate mind, erratic behavior and declining health”” however, fans has raised questions regarding this; “ who is this for? And who does this benefit?”. From what can bee seen, it clearly does not benefit Wendy Williams.






According to a statement released by her caretakers, the former TV Host was diagnosed with last year with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia.








Members of her family have suggested some of her medical problems are related to alcohol abuse, and have also alleged that Williams’s guardianship, which is not controlled by the family, does not have her best interests at heart, allegations that her guardian denies.

Where Is Wendy Williams? puts her in front of cameras at what seems to be the peak of these struggles (she also executive-produced the series), while anxious family members and what seem like leeching yes-men tiptoe around her.

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t have many complimentary things to say about Williams. But framing disability as some kind of karmic comeuppance is violently ableist, and the makers of the series bear a major responsibility for helping reinforce this kind of narrative by exposing Williams this way without tact or badly needed context.


Source: The Guardian.

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